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No. sentence
1 The economy dominated the 2008 campaign, and more recently, the "tea-party" movement has been more vocal on fiscal questions than on social issues like abortion.
2 These latest plans for an artificially cooled beach may be causing ripples around the world, but why isn't there more vocal opposition by environmentalists within Dubai?
3 When she started to get really vocal at first I thought she was calling to the kittens, but then it became clear that she was actually calling to me!
4 Sondheim's work is notable for his use of complex polyphony in the vocal parts, such as the chorus of five minor characters who function as a sort of Greek chorus in 1973's a Little Night Music.
5 They all are of high artistic value and active instructive significance to todays vocal music art.
6 One man who needs no vocal announcement is Li Hailun, a grasshopper salesman whose wares, hundreds of wingless insects imprisoned in round, woven enclosures, produce a deafening high-pitched symphony.
7 For Baritone and Piano. By Maurice Ravel. This edition: DF15764. Vocal Solo. 24 pages. Published by Editions Durand.
8 But we can see what the human vocal tract shape has allowed us to do that our primate relatives can't.
9 This can be detected via lie detectors, speech errors and hesitations, repetitions, fidgeting and displacement activity, blinking, higher vocal pitch and pupil dilation.
10 We change the pitch by tightening the vocal chords to make our voice higher and loosening them to make a lower sound.
11 Galvin said that it was turned down because it received low marks from the review board, and that there was no vocal opposition to the idea of cloning embryos in principle.
12 I retorted angrily: "their vocal cord sounds as if it was kissed by god, without any hurt."
13 Prescott has no say in the final decision this time but will attend the talks in Copenhagen as a rapporteur for the Council of Europe, allowing him to be a vocal observer.
14 waiting to the praise, Tuotuo was vocal meal reproached, frustration immediately under the ears and tail droop.
15 All sounds are produced by vibrations; the sound of our voices is the result of vocal chords vibrating in our throats, while sound from a plucked guitar string comes from the vibrations of the string.
16 They don't have to see how the vocal cords are vibrating, or know exactly how difficult it is to play the instrument.
17 Pure vowel sounds, articulation, proper breathing, expressive speaking patterns, a pleasing vocal range, naturalness, all these will make you get twice the result with half the effort.
18 In reality, some people are vocal and may moan and groan, other folks may muffle any sounds with a pillow, and yet others may not make a single peep.
19 Few people have been as vocal about the urgency of global warming and the need to reinvent the way the world produces and consumes energy.
20 music of Native North Americans is primarily a vocal art, usually choral, although some nations favor solo singing.
21 of his compositional output consists of sacred choral and vocal works, instrumental music, and organ music.
22 They teach vocal and choral music, marching-band music, orchestral music, and ethnic music forms such as mariachi.
23 The vocation advocate found the word "vocal" and "reciprocal" not in the vocabulary.
24 If we didn't do that, the pitch would rapidly descend as we got to the end of the lung balloon, and we'd blow our vocal chords apart with high pressure.
25 gathered in Hollywood for the announcement was comedian George Lopez, who named the nominees for Female Pop Vocal Performance.
26 Source material: Primary source for all four librettos is Schott's 1899 vocal scores (republished in the United States by Schirmer in 1904).
27 Dr Morency knew from past experiments that lowering of vocal pitch and pausing were both cues likely to draw a nod from a listener, so these were things that he programmed the system to look out for.
28 I went on to graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in vocal performance. And it felt like I was back on track.
29 Though other important behaviors need to be considered as well, vocal changes that deviate from the norm can indicate deception.
30 Among the serious complications, the chemical reaction triggered by the batteries can damage vocal cords, leaving children with a lifelong whisper.