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1 Bookish parents read more to their children, use a larger vocabulary when they talk to them and prod them to do their homework.
2 You can set and interrogate these properties using extensions to the existing ESQL vocabulary.
3 All the possible arrangements of the elements (vocabulary) have a specific interpretation in the domain.
4 Some of the tests that have been used are word fluency, use of grammar, spelling, reading, ability to understand, extend of vocabulary.
5 It updates the vocabulary and grammar of the King James Version, while preserving the classic style and beauty.
6 the end of the summer she could understand what everybody was saying, even if the vocabulary and grammar were far above her ability.
7 An alphabetical guide to the most common problems of grammar and vocabulary.
8 This version is very literal in vocabulary and word order, although the resulting English is quite wooden.
9 This view shows him how his company is using common terms and definitions, and how the common vocabulary is propagating through the company.
10 By utilizing OWL classification, it can provide additional vocabulary along with formal semantics to describe the XML schema assets.
11 to design a schema that prevents as many errors as possible, you need to organize the vocabulary around the error checking, sometimes using advanced features such as inheritance.
12 These terms from our vocabulary make sense, but they are not abstractions.
13 As we sipped the apple brandy and talked, I realized that all the years of studying French vocabulary and irregular verbs had prepared me for this moment.
14 of his officers urged him to withdraw westwards to link up with the expected new contingents but 'retreat' was not a word in the Swedish king's vocabulary.
15 Now, his vocabulary is well over 100 words, and he speaks to me in full sentences," she said.
16 With any controlled vocabulary, choosing the granularity for each level of the tagging hierarchy is a critical decision for both maintenance and information navigation.
17 very free, though very accurate, translation avoids the use of traditional biblical vocabulary and communicates especially well with youth and the unchurched.
18 If you want to learn Esperanto (or any other language) you might start with mastering vocabulary or basic grammar rules, for example.
19 This French vocabulary is found in every domain, from government and law to art and literature.
20 new version can be assigned to a different namespace, and you can use XSLT to transform data from one vocabulary to the other.
21 Much like we dynamically build the workgroup or conference navigation menus, we could automatically add or remove workgroups or conferences as terms in the vocabulary using these functions.
22 Often this long lifecycle existed because the business vocabulary for the business level management of assets was not aligned with the IT level management of assets.
23 Certain domain-specific vocabulary could not be prohibited for DTDs specialized for a different domain.
24 Because no approval body is in charge of vocabularies, the search engine owners were able to devise their own vocabulary to meet their needs.
25 After using the first version of a vocabulary, your real-world experience may lead you to devise an enhanced vocabulary.
26 Likewise, if you are sending data conforming to an industry XML vocabulary, you will probably to want to use document style.
27 WSFL, like workflow in general, has a vocabulary of its own; the key to mastering WSFL is to master this vocabulary.
28 There are great differences in vocabulary between dialects and Putonghua and among dialects, among which is the difference in word formation.
29 This article makes a probe into the use and variation of the Buddhist vocabulary in the modern Chinese, its pur poses lies in understanding Buddhist influences on Chinese culture in language.
30 Keep this in mind when flexing your new vocabulary – you'll still need to keep your plain English in good usage for everyday writing, especially in most work environments.