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1 Please note that this is done here visually only for explanation purposes; it is not possible in the normal implementation of this methodology.
2 Deep red cherry trees are planted sporadically to offer shading for the stone benches beneath as well as visually demark the start of the "garden village".
3 In the remaining void they infill a highly functionally and visually dazzling spiral-staircase wine cellar to fit all your favorite vintages and go with your favorite funky furniture designs.
4 The laboratory typically examines fur, hides, feathers, claws, and teeth, both visually and microscopically, to determine what species a body part came from.
5 Patients should be strongly advised to visually inspect their tablets to verify that they are the correct drug and formulation each time they fill their prescription.
6 If you want to visually hide a large or complex navigation hierarchy, drop-downs and fly-outs are a great option as they let the user decide what they want to see, and when they want to see them.
7 With queuing models, you both visually represent a system and vary parameters, such as timeouts and average response times, and understand their effects on a system.
8 Surrounded by desert ridges interspersed with lush oases, the Dead Sea presents a visually stunning tableau.
9 Quite often designers tend to design shopping carts in an attractive way, preferring visually appealing elements to standard trolley ICONS.
10 Series gives a dynamic and sensorial experience to the visually impaired user by adding a tactile element in the form of braille lettering to everyday objects.
11 By giving Google Maps some location information (in the form of addresses or coordinates), you can build a map that signifies that location visually.
12 Users do not like to be visually distracted when filling in forms.
13 In the case of a page header or footer, this division of space might be exactly what's needed to visually break the page content into logical groups.
14 The result is a succinct, visually effective, and expressive user interface that enables hostesses to fully control aspects of seating within the restaurant.
15 The latest browsers afford you two things: more control over how the UI behaves on the client side (both visually and interactively) as well as cleaner, more extensible ways to implement it.
16 This mode is useful when you know exactly how far the task has progressed and can represent the progress visually (" visualize "the progress).
17 Photographers and designers can surely think of many ways to visually imply more by not showing the whole, that is, showing more by showing less.
18 If color is used to represent a specific meaning, visually impaired users or users with a system in high contrast mode will be unable identify the message conveyed by the colors alone.
19 By setting the maximum number of simultaneous tasks, you can visually see the work backing up for your tasks.
20 The tool also supports visually assembling mediation flow components, exports, and imports into mediation modules that can be deployed and installed into the runtime.
21 think about how to represent sound visually, most of us probably picture those volume-dependent sine waves.
22 The relationship between documents is referred to as a document network, and the document network browser visually renders the connections between documents in your repository.
23 Sliders are often a better option, because they visually suggest the fact that movement is along just one axis .
24 Like his previous film, 5 Centimeters per Second, it looks visually astonishing, with a touch of wonder & adventure. Quite an ambitious project to look forward!
25 He is conveying the idea visually of information spreading around a widespread network, similar to a grapevine.
26 Continuing with our analysis, if there are several input lines going into and out of a step or resource, you have visually identified an architectural or structural bottleneck.
27 you provide a font size, a user's browser can alter those sizes for the visually impaired or scale them down on massive monitors (with equally massive resolutions).
28 Perhaps it depends on whether you’re visually inclined.
29 Each element and attribute is intuitively named so that even the casual reader familiar with the XML specification can visually parse the information.
30 Now that you know what a table space and buffer pool are and how to create them, Figure 1 shows an example of how they are visually organized within a database.