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No. sentence
1 The farmers welcomed the visitors with the fresh fruit.
2 Visitors go to Hawaii to get happy and tan, and they carry home with them vast measures of good will, serenity and memories of joy and peace.
3 this might not be a big deal for a site with only a few thousand visitors a month or with limited content, for site with more pages and more visitors, this can actually add up to a huge savings.
4 JR owns the biggest art gallery in the world. He exhibits freely in the streets of the world, catching the attention of people who are not the museum visitors.
5 If you're testing in a production environment, you may not have even Numbers of visitors seeing each design (though they should be close).
6 Visitors to London's Trafalgar Square, Leicester (Lester) Square and Chinatown district welcomed in the Year of the Tiger in traditional style with Chinese arts, food, firecrackers and fireworks.
7 At Gwangju there is an annual kimchi Festival where visitors can enjoy making kimchi and try all the various kinds of kimchi.
8 But this year Mr Garcia was not there to greet visitors at the Havana cigar festival.
9 They curiously approached us because to them, I'm sure we were the unusual-looking visitors!
10 World of Adventures discovered from a survey of younger visitors early this year that children were annoyed by parents reluctant to go on the white-knuckle rides.
11 All visitors to the exhibition must report to the main service desk.
12 Yet Martin Towers, who owns a hardware store, says Tesco draws visitors to town.
13 If you have a lot of content or a lot of visitors, it makes sense to simplify your site and reduce your file sizes.
14 But in the past decade, visitors have been drawn back to it by its serene beauty, long hikes and, of course, proximity to Shanghai.
15 The Philippines’ tourism ministry has pushed to promote and develop many of its prized islands and to draw more visitors than the usual weekenders from Manila or honeymooners from Korea.
16 ecologically diverse wilderness-where prized coffee is grown-is rarely trekked by Jamaicans, let alone foreign visitors.
17 This Kamchatka Peninsula lake is home to hundreds of bears, and visitors can see them tuck into a feast during the wild salmon run, one of Earth's greatest.
18 Of course! 'replied the uncle, with a hardly suppressed grimace, resulting from his deep aversion to both the proposed visitors.
19 Another outstanding Snoop feature is the Name Tags option which allows you to "tag" visitors for easier identification.
20 These give visitors an idea of the rural way of living in Ethiopia.
21 But no one seems to know how they died, what they are doing here, or why they are on show to curious visitors.
22 Some visitors smirked at the long grass on the pitch in one opening match.
23 The footsteps of thousands of visitors had worn away the steps of Mountain Tai.
24 Every year the entire centre of Phnom Penh is snarled with hundreds of thousands of rural visitors, many of whom sleep in temples, schools and sidewalks during the period of the festival.
25 Visitors to the mine must comply with the rules.
26 opened the scoring for the visitors after just two minutes and on 16 minutes Andrea Pirlo had a penalty saved after Pippo Inzaghi was fouled in the area.
27 As a token of visit to the online monument of your departed loved ones, visitors can also choose to leave behind some flowers along with their sentiments.
28 Visitors, including his tailor, are almost always offered a cup of tea.
29 Visitors trek from one village to another crossing rural countryside, enjoying the landscape, scenery, agricultural land, flora and fauna.
30 Visitors trenched on all his time last Sunday.