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No. sentence
1 Thompson was shopping with her boyfriend Chris Davies, 23, when they visited a Samsung roadshow and she was invited to have a go at breaking the record.
2 Accompanied by the leader, they visited the hospital.
3 In Venice, we crisscrossed the lagoon by ferry, visited a glass factory, rented a fleet of black gondolas, and had time for a quick stop at Prada before heading back out of town.
4 I also check to make sure that I haven't visited it before, and, if not, the link is loaded into my interrogate and viewed queues.
5 The next time I see them, I ask if they visited the site.
6 Last night I was visited by a terrible dream.
7 While it is much more visited than the nature trail I just described, it is definitely also worth a visit.
8 I visited like 10 different doctors in a year, having tests done all with the same results, "everything looks good, ur completely healthy, its all in your mind", thing that wasnt true.
9 One winter night, the Luck Fairy visited them.
10 her toughness and wit, especially in old age when, in spite of an amputated leg, she visited the trenches and toured America in the Allied cause.
11 When bees from a healthy hive visited the same flowers previously visited by sick bumblebees, the colony contracted the virus within a week, the team found.
12 I have visited almost every year since then.
13 Romanenko is also one of few explorers to have visited Wrangel Island.
14 Explorers visited the camp. They told Brigham Young about a great salt lake in a wide valley on the western side of the Rocky Mountains.
15 During the centuries of Ottoman-Christendom confrontation, European explorers visited most of the habitable regions of the globe, and nearly all those accessible by sea.
16 I first visited Brazil in 2003, I spent a week with a camera crew in Bahia pursuing footage of children working in the production of charcoal.
17 Q: Under Secretary Cohen of the US Treasury Department visited Hong Kong and Beijing this week.
18 several days in Shanghai, we visited newly erected commercial buildings, shopped at Shanghai Center, and dined in fancy restaurants.
19 I've also visited 20% of the world's countries and circled the globe twice.
20 Having visited the scene of this dark chapter in human history, I wish to emphasize my support for the Government and people of Kazakhstan as they continue to cope with the aftermath.
21 He insisted that when foreign dignitaries visited the Berghof she stay in her room upstairs, and even when the couple visited Rome in 1938 they stayed in different hotels.
22 The chevalier might boast with reason to the friends who visited him that few retired captains were more snugly quartered than he in his crib in shepherd's inn.
23 We rested, took the metro, visited other fountains, and ate.
24 of a sweeping survey of the region, they visited the hill, saw some broken slabs of limestone and assumed the mound was nothing more than an abandoned medieval cemetery.
25 It was his technology and plant that we visited with Dr. Liu in Shanghai.
26 Before beginning his difficult journey, the young man visited his parents to receive their benediction.
27 Spooner dispensed the lightest possible punishment on Choudhri, a reprimand, after a search of Choudhri's computer files revealed he had visited several news and travel sites.
28 The first time I visited his counter, he asked about my family, and I mentioned my newborn twin daughters.
29 To illustrate, Figure 5 shows the state of a hypothetical iterator that can move back one, two, three, or four places, but no more, because that would require accessing the previously visited leaf.
30 The whitepaper was available at the time I visited it without any registration.