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visit in a sentence

121. Then Jan comes to visit him.

122. The Roscoes visit every day.

123. Bert moves out to visit her.

124. His first visit was in 1946.

125. Wimsey and Parker visit her.

126. to visit and trade with him.

127. You should visit him soon."

128. Many Buddhists visit there.

129. the visit of Thomas Bowdler;

130. Delap and Duffy often visit.

131. Bake and Brew a must visit.

132. a visit to Keelung, Taiwan;

133. to China for a 10-day visit.

134. "The Visit" is set in 1977.

135. the purpose of their visit;

136. The visit was unsuccessful;

137. Presidential visit in 2006.

138. A Beautiful place to visit.

139. But this is his last visit;

140. The nieces visit Aunt Jane.

141. Urges him to visit England.

142. Wolowitz had gone to visit.

143. Her last visit was in 1845;

144. This visit made him famous.

145. Heaven pays a visit to Rev.

146. Ahmed Oun visit to Algeria.

147. A visit by Mustapa Mohamed.

148. and (4) Loboc Church visit.

149. you honour me with a visit?

150. I warned Edna of his visit.