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No. sentence
1 If you would like to submit ideas, watch some of the modules, or just learn more, please visit the BLOSSOMS website.
2 But he seems to have been given no advance notice of the visit.
3 He made the comment Wednesday during a visit to Paris.
4 Ascham, in The Schoolmaster, tells a touching story of his last visit to Lady Jane Grey.
5 I resolved to visit my grandmother at least once a year.
6 This visit will always remain in my memory.
7 The next day, after Al and I went for a jog in Little Rock, we flew to his hometown, Carthage, Tennessee, for a rally and a visit with his parents, both of whom had a large influence on him.
8 She incurred the wrath of Fidel, who refused to visit her house, saying it was "surrounded by worms".
9 But the best answer to the terrorists is to dream bigger, make even more money, and visit Mumbai more than ever.
10 Our meeting in a London pub is squeezed between a visit to Turkey, talks at Downing Street and a flight to Mumbai.
11 Zhuge Liang was at home, Liu Bei went for another visit along with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
12 The second call is at Butterworth, the mainland port that looks across to the island of Penang; here, travellers are taken across the straits to visit the island.
13 It does this by collecting information on what you do and do not wish to allow, and then monitors the sites you visit to see whether they comply with your preferences.
14 Do you watch the same TV programmes or visit the same places?
15 China Daily bannered the news that the American President would visit China.
16 Visit this extraordinary castle just once and you will find yourself agreeing with the English about their claim.
17 This was another reason why we had the test visit only one page in the simulation, because it make be a better comparison.
18 In the WPT recording, we set the number of threads per client to 1 (one), but because there is only one page to visit, this number is irrelevant.
19 Even if your loved one is too weak to attend services at a place of worship, you can ask a representative to visit him and to provide readings and other material that will give him comfort.
20 To learn more, visit the BIRT website and the BIRT newsgroup.
21 Please visit the AJDT site to find out more, including demos, new features, downloads, and details about the AJDT newsgroup if you have any questions.
22 The investigation into unauthorised Apple stores in Kunming was brought about when an American living in the city published a blog post describing a visit to one such shop.
23 you visit any other parts of China before you came to Kunming?
24 Our main purpose was to visit Fanch'eng in Hupeh Province to pay our respects to the memory of Dad's mother, Hannah Rorem Ronning.
25 During his visit, Secretary General Annan will go to Peking University to talk with students there and receive interview from the Chinese media.
26 The manager released him to return to his native town to visit his grandmother who was ill in bed.
27 And when I visit for the holidays, I'll probably get rid of even more, to lighten the burden.
28 The teacher took the students to visit the exhibition.
29 Since any species that could visit us would be far beyond our own technological level, meeting them could be bad news.
30 He dressed down to visit his poor friend.