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No. sentence
1 he remains a true radical, whose vision of paring government to the bone excites a youthful following.
2 But when they came there because of you and they expect to learn from you, you must impart that vision to them.
3 Without vision, you will advance, but you will not find where you want to go, and your motivation will decrease.
4 So they acted so as to realize their dreams through their vision and goals.
5 But with no interim targets, by mid-week the "vision" was fading from the draft deal at the summit.
6 And one day, I had a piffany, which is that whining is the evil twin of vision.
7 But the takeaway is, whenever you found yourself whining about something, that likely is an opportunity for vision.
8 If you go blind in one eye, you'll only lose about one-fifth of your vision (but all your depth perception).
9 live group used the new "wing of Vision" technology which launched by China Telecom, to complete the broadcast.
10 Have a clear vision, design and objective for every scene.
11 Even when I wasliving like a gypsy, running from movie to movie, living out of a suitcase, Ithink I always had a dream of this family life, a vision of it off in thefuture.
12 Your vision should be so global that you see your ideal life.
13 has endured through many transformations of ideology and purpose, but at its best remained faithful to a vision of disinterested pursuit and transmission of knowledge.
14 In true XP fashion, the vision will change as we move toward it, but we have to move.
15 Smoldering, Kurt dropped to his knees. Blackness clouded his mind. He struggled to stay conscious—fought his way back by sheer willpower, and his vision cleared.
16 He tried to vision himself in a past century.
17 Then too, you're constantly being bumped against by those of poor vision.
18 Instead, and as I argue in both the Vision Revolution and my forthcoming Harnessed, these are powers we acquired by virtue of harnessing, or neuronal recycling.
19 Business transformation is a key executive management initiative that attempts to align the technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision.
20 For extra bases (no, not really) adjust the "Angle of Descent" to see how a little curve becomes a big one in your peripheral vision.
21 If there turns out to be a difference it will be because synthetic worlds offer us an alternative vision of how society might work.
22 leadership, lead technicians, project managers, and all of the visible people in these projects must be positive forces and constantly promote the vision and the future state.
23 Like all great organizational cultures, this one started with a bold vision.
24 Until we can do this with a chip in our brain, a new device has come out that overlays video onto our normal vision using special glasses.
25 We will continue to tap the potential of computer vision in applications that range from simple photo organization to complex video and mobile applications.
26 I knew that this vision would not be fulfilled in a single year, or even several years. But I knew we had to begin and that all of us have responsibilities to fulfill.
27 Yet India lacks any kind of vision.
28 Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.
29 The extent to which genes are to blame varies, but for those with the worst vision, around 80% of the condition is caused by genetic factors.
30 Nearly blind, Tatum had artistic vision and ability that made him an icon of jazz piano, a musician whose impact will be felt for generations to come.