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No. sentence
1 argument set forth in his article was riddled violently.
2 The victim's legs were placed between two planks of wood and bound together with cords.Between the cords the torturers placed wedges with which they would violently hammer.
3 His heart is beating violently in her breast.
4 They delude you in such a way that you need not be violently forced into anything; you will accept the values portrayed by the image as your own and act accordingly.
5 rain commenced pouring violently down.
6 Then she was violently yanked backward off her feet.
7 Yet even to many of his admirers, the thrill of seeing the American lion's tail violently yanked proved short-lived.
8 In this picture a man rudely opens a garbage can and violently throws all kinds of waste into it.
9 fighters take a third of the harvest as taxation, ban singing, whip the men to prayers, force the women to cover their faces, and violently break up any gathering of four or more people.
10 how violently those waves before us strike against the cliff, look at the terrible way they disappear.
11 Sadly, the world in which they live is far from ideal, and is likely to remain so;and violently seeking to overturn it is a recipe for misery all round.
12 Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, the whole mountain trembled violently
13 Israel's envoy retorted that the soldiers responded in self-defence when activists on board the aid vessels violently attacked with the intention of lynching them.
14 street marches organised by trade unions, NGOs and other pressure-groups have been violently dispersed over the past few months, and their leaders have been routinely arrested and beaten up.
15 Here's a little secret he doesn't know: EVERYONE sees his phone lighting up. And hears it vibrating violently every two minutes.
16 Supernovas are a class of violently exploding stars that become super bright after eruption.
17 If Jessica Alba teased me like this, I'd set a world record sprinting down that hallway to violently penetrate her every orifice.
18 In combat, they rush violently and blindly into the enemy, raking with their obsidian claws.
19 Lynn Costa clawed both hands through brambles of red and silver streaked hair, then tugged violently at the hem of her royal blue tunic.
20 To Gaskell, her "dear friend" Charlotte was the heroine, with the rest of the family - eccentric Patrick, masochistic Branwell, pious Anne and violently mystical Emily - left in her shadow.
21 Then, with the connivance of powerful officials from the Nuer tribe, the second-biggest in the territory, the firm, along with its vehicles and assets, was violently seized.
22 As the Australian plate sinks, it melts, and some of the magma thus produced erupts violently to the surface.
23 Unearthed between 2004 and 2005 in a cemetery in York, England, the remains belong to 80 individuals, almost all males, who died violently at ages ranging between 19 and 45.
24 When Cethru saw that all eyes were turned on him, he shivered still more violently, fixing his fascinated gaze on the three Judges in their emerald robes.
25 every time, his left wing stalled on an upstroke, he’d roll violently left, stall his right wing recovering, and flick like fire into a wild tumbling spin to the right.
26 If he takse your face and kiss you violently, which means he will have the same style on the bed.
27 Why are programmers so violently opposed to these laws?
28 If a binary includes a White Dwarf, gas pulled from a companion onto the White Dwarf's surface can fuse violently in a flash called a nova.
29 Although stock prices and earnings move up and down violently, dividends have been more reliable, typically falling from the peak of a cycle to its trough by only one-tenth in real terms.
30 It shook so violently, people raced outside.