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No. sentence
1 He urged all members of society to ensure the right to food, the non-fulfillment of which is a violation of human dignity.
2 For instance they wanted me to switch to GPL or else they would find me in violation of their license.
3 The access violation is nondeterministic.
4 And because the documents still remain classified, any unauthorized person who downloaded or printed them is also in violation of the law.
5 One of the greatest sorrows, the greatest violations, was what I would almost say was an inability to understand how deep the violation goes," she said.
6 PEOPLE do not have secret trolleys at the supermarket, so how can it be a violation of their privacy if a grocer sells their purchasing habits to a marketing firm?
7 A spokesman for Israel's military says the latest border closure, which took effect on Thursday, was provoked by continued rocket fire, which he says is a violation of the truce.
8 Yettaw was given a seven-year jail sentence, including four years of hard Labour, after the court found him guilty of abetting the violation of the house arrest order and two other offences.
9 Every time Code Review detects a violation of a rule, it reports a new finding to you.
10 In violation of natural laws, Jesus was again breathing and walking among his astonished disciples.
11 Many Pakistani's are angry and embarrassed over what they consider a violation of their sovereignty, and tensions are high across Pakistan following the raid.
12 Yes. It's a notice of violation but no civil penalty.
13 From a public perspective getting a notice of violation and a civil penalty shows that you're really really not doing your job.
14 A civil penalty is a fine. From a public perspective getting a notice of violation is not a good thing.
15 Any violation of this law will count as a class C misdemeanor, carrying a maximum penalty of up to 15 days in jail and a fine of up to $300, still rather low.
16 objection that such a policy would be protectionist, a violation of the principles of free trade, one reply is, So?
17 The original rationale cited Georgia's violation of the 1992 Sochi Agreement (also known as the Dagomys Agreement), and its attack on the OSCE sponsored peacekeeping mission in South Ossetia.
18 First, please note that sneaking booze into places that sell liquor is almost always illegal-a big liquor code violation.
19 is widespread opposition to ceding these powers to a European bureaucracy, and the courts of many countries would probably rule it a constitutional violation.
20 Essentially what we are doing is a violation, but since China hasn't proposed a law to regulate this yet, we're still doing it," Ding said.
21 Tuo Zuhai, a Ministry of Culture official, told Xinhua that 'the act of lip-synching and faking the playing of a musical instrument is a gross violation of regulations and laws.
22 In a further violation of the tribunal's ruling, around 170 white farmers are now being prosecuted in Zimbabwe's courts for refusing to leave their land.
23 In violation of the provisions of this Law, causing or aggravating flood losses to contiguous regions or other units.
24 violations related to white, basically you just get a notice of violation.
25 One alleged violation involved changing the way it accounted for hedges. Another involved treating yet-to-be-completed sales of locomotives as done deals.
26 Their recent troubles include a ballyhooed traveling violation credited to MVP clubhouse-leader LeBron James, who insists his "crab-dribble" maneuver is legal.
27 FBI earlier this month charged a man with violation of federal copyright law, alleging he uploaded the film to the Web last spring.
28 Such enrichment is currently in violation of a U.N. suspension order, although once transparency concerns have been satisfied, Iran would be allowed, under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to resume.
29 YouTube could delete every clip uploaded in violation of copyright – to some degree they do – but if you have a few thousand people uploading the same clip, how do you stay ahead of that?
30 They blockaded the suez canal in violation of international agreement.