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No. sentence
1 She violated the terms of the contract repeatedly.
2 The result of their skills has been that Italy has been overrun by Charles, plundered by Louis, violated by Ferdinand, and insulted by the Swiss.
3 If a jump request crosses these branches, these conditions may be violated and this may result in unexpected behavior and exceptions.
4 When we find somebody lying, we get angry, we feel we've been betrayed or violated or insulted in some way, and the liar is regarded as deceptive, deficient, morally at fault.
5 If someone added an extra bill to the envelope, which contained your credit card bill, he has violated the integrity of the mail.
6 Consistency means that the transaction represents a correct transformation of the application state — that any integrity constraints implicit in the application are not violated by the transaction.
7 Since the branch is no longer releasable, I've violated the branch policy.
8 guns violated the peace of the countryside.
9 Besides, some foreign journalists violated their professional morality, distorted facts or even fabricated news.
10 Ethics watchdogs, meanwhile, say Perry's campaign may have violated state disclosure laws because of the vague way he's reported what his staff calls "incidental" spending at the mansion.
11 If people perceive one such rule to have been violated, they may feel morally obliged to retaliate against the wrongdoers — even if the retaliation does more harm than good.
12 It starts with information on what the user can do if he or she feels you have violated this privacy policy.
13 Court of Appeals did not err in ordering that completion of the Tellico Dam, which would have violated the Act, be enjoined.
14 Pentagon Spokesman Colonel David Lapan says the investigation will determine whether General Caldwell or anyone else violated the law or military regulations.
15 But when a man neglects his primary responsibility and allows himself to act on an instinctive attraction - even in his thoughts - he has already violated his marriage vows.
16 In theory, the only penalties are hefty fines - in Henan's case, three times the annual net income of the couple who have violated the rules.
17 This is just what happened with the judges: when reminded that they would one day die, they were more severe in punishing those who violated their worldview.
18 You stormed into an embassy; you violated the only absolutely inviolate rule of international relationships. And why?
19 But Intel immediately pledged to appeal against the decision, denying its practices had violated European law.
20 When it was opened in 2007, I found evidence of high-level decisions about the secret Soviet germ-warfare program, which violated the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.
21 As with any other situation where best practices are violated, the root cause of this antipattern is the lack of good design.
22 He would not, however, specify which Georgia laws the company may have violated for fear it would help the company start planning its defense.
23 The accident was officially attributed to power plant operators who violated plant procedures and were ignorant of the safety requirements needed.
24 Content creators do not have to specifically ask that their copyright not be violated.
25 Thus the murder chimed with fears about children’s safety, and at the same time violated a confused but cherished notion of infant innocence: a pyrotechnic combination.
26 Timing failures: a temporal property of the system is violated.
27 If the equivalence principle were violated, the moon's orbit around the Earth would appear skewed, either towards or away from the sun.
28 He who is caught with the devoted things shall be destroyed by fire, along with all that belongs to him. He has violated the covenant of the LORD and has done a disgraceful thing in Israel!
29 Sean also violated his own dive plan.
30 Last month Judge Phillips found for the plaintiffs, ruling that the policy violated their free-speech and due-process rights.