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vigorous life in a sentence

1. This was paralleled in sculpture by the absolute representation of vigorous life, through unnaturally simplified forms.

2. Only a person of firm faith can lead a good and vigorous life ... Buddhist doctrine is a philosophy that has human life as its ultimate object, and our Human Revolution movement is an act of reform aimed at opening up the inner universe, the creative life force within each individual, and leading to human freedom."

3. "A vigorous life-asserting pageant of Mahlerian blatancy", is how Michael Kennedy describes it, and Mahler himself explained it with the aperçu "The world is mine!"

4. He was described in the press as having "the tenacity of a terrier", and it was reported that he "restore[d] to vigorous life an agency which many had thought moribund."

5. Prime Minister Brian Mulroney wanted to appoint Stanfield as U.N. ambassador saying, "I tried to engage him further but he was leading a vigorous life and a very active life and he didn't want to change after a while."

6. His approach was broader than a mere literary revival: he stated in his preface that he found that 12th-century Europe "was in many respects an age of fresh and vigorous life.

7. But Clark also noted that Eddison "is stylistic in the grand and heroic manner that evokes beauty and vigorous life, but it seems to us that without injury to his verbal charm or loss of beauty in his passage of atmosphere saturated with glamour of nature, he could have removed much that would quicken the action of his narration to a more attractive pace."

8. and that ultramontane movement which, before the century was ended, was to dominate the Church, was already showing signs of vigorous life.

9. He led an uncommonly vigorous life.

10. The little principality of Dombes showed in some respects signs of a vigorous life;

11. In 1927, he wrote that: [The 12th century in Europe] was in many respects an age of fresh and vigorous life.

12. But he proved to lead a long and vigorous life;

13. She lived a vigorous life that diverged from idealized femininity in the 1800s.

14. French calls it "a riveting blow-by-blow account of a vigorous life", and Elliott avers that Lennon "does an admirable job of allowing Mailer's various iterations of himself to emerge without judgment or apology".

15. As a definition of Ásatrú, AA cites a 1995 essay by McNallen on "what is Ásatrú", which concludes by summarizing the main goals as the practice of "courage, honor, the importance of the family and ancestral bonds, strength, freedom, the preservation of our kind, and joyful, vigorous life."

16. This trajectory suggests an escape from the present to find more eternal values in ancient culture and in the vigorous life depicted in his earlier pictures such as Harvest.

17. yet it maintained a vigorous life by means of local "Societies" and a "General Meeting."

18. John Creswell (8 December 1858 – 24 March 1909), often known as "Jack", was a South Australian businessman chiefly remembered for his contribution to the sports of cricket and Australian rules football, but who made his mark in various other fields in a short but vigorous life.

19. Dr Cooper shows a picture of Ann Harrison every time he lectures on transplantation and says, "I still marvel when someone so close to death is returned to a vigorous life."

20. Joseph continued living a vigorous life after the death of his wife;

21. While the new vision is becoming manifest in the public spaces of the streets, squares, bridges and barricades, becoming integrated into the vigorous life of the people, the "studio revolutionaries" crawl back to the haze of oil paint in their studios.

22. Negative and weak thoughts, thoughts of self-doubt, of mistrust, continually prune back the vigorous life ever seeking so valiantly to show forth the splendor and strength of the radiant inner self.