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No. sentence
1 His chest heaved once, as if his large heart, weary of despotic constriction, had expanded, despite the will, and made a vigorous bound for the attainment of liberty.
2 Low fat milk: 1% or skimmed milk contains the right balance of protein and carbs to help muscles rebuild after vigorous exercise.
3 He was wasted away to no more than a skeleton, and what had once been vigorous black hair had turned into obscene stringy wisps.
4 has always championed free trade, open markets and vigorous competition in the physical world.
5 They can get it either with moderate or vigorous exercise -- you can enjoy a brisk walk, jog, dance, bike, or swim.
6 Marquis - Vigorous, white seedless grape from the Geneva Breeding Program.
7 Mars (Plant patent 5680), a release from the University of Arkansas, is a vigorous, blue seedless grape.
8 Mars - A vigorous, blue seedless grape.
9 Venus, also from the University of Arkansas, is a vigorous and productive blue-black seedless grape.
10 Yet the effects of these persistent patterns may get more unpleasant because the world will be warmer and have a more vigorous hydrological cycle.
11 In some areas we have vigorous disagreement.
12 Documentations of these hazards, hassle analysis has given some changes, so anytime you change, a particular process is dangerous you have to document it in a very vigorous way.
13 This demands not only the hard work of the Afghan government and people, but also the sustained attention and vigorous support of the entire international community, including the SCO.
14 vigorous rambling rose is perfect for training over a pergola or along an open wall, and the highly fragrant blooms make wonderful cut flowers.
15 As a foundation for its rise, China pursued a vigorous "smile diplomacy" towards its neighbours that stands in contrast to slothful Indian energies.
16 As is subtly portrayed in the drawing, two handicapped young men are heading towards their destination with vigorous strides, leaving all their crutches behind.
17 There is an old saying goes "Old plum, young peony, " the meaning is clearly: many flowers showing their beauty as freshness and tenderness, but plum blossom is treasure foraged vigorous.
18 Reapply as needed or after towel drying, swimming, perspiring, or vigorous activity.
19 Her once-sunny disposition turned morose, and her vigorous workouts declined to a measly 20 minutes of walking a day.
20 After three consecutive years of decline, the industry consultants forecast global spending on new machinery by the chipmakers to rise a vigorous 47 per cent this year.
21 theoretical approaches presented here, however, suggest that in the real world there would be a vigorous policy response to the menace of the living dead.
22 Yet at the same time it is dynamic, with vigorous competition among domestic Banks, big shifts in the pattern of lending, plenty of product innovation and, most important of all, fast credit growth.
23 Most striking is the emergence of a vigorous bunch called J Street, which declares itself "pro-Israel, pro-peace" but is far keener to see the Palestinian point of view.
24 This was not easy, partly because the foundation had been divided into several fiefs (health, arts and so on), each defended with the vigorous politicking at which the charitable sector excels.
25 partnership, Mr. Finckel and Ms. Wu offered a striking interpretation of the work, vigorous in the dramatic Scherzo and deeply expressive in the brief Adagio.
26 Or away from the bad past anyway, the recent, misbegotten past, and into a better past, all mythy and sweetly vigorous, into that America where the future was full of endless possibility.
27 Yet this more relaxed attitude towards history does not always beget more vigorous preservation of Shanghai's heritage.
28 McRae was waging a vigorous campaign and had a lot of friends and admirers around the state from his years of good work at the Rockefeller Foundation.
29 If Mr Penn had properly charted the whole course of Henry VII's struggle to assert himself, this vigorous and thoroughly enjoyable book would have been even better.
30 There is one area where we have vigorous disagreement.