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No. sentence
1 He stated his views to me.
2 However, parents, teachers and students take on quite different views and, consequently, they seem not to have reached any compromises yet.
3 He says that I have misrepresented his views in my pamphlet.
4 Because diagrams can illustrate multiple views of a model, the same model element can appear in one or more diagrams.
5 For example, if you are using dynamic views, fragments and models can be changed by other users while you have the model loaded into memory.
6 Because of their strongly positive or strongly negative views, black-and-white thinkers tend to be quicker at making decisions than highly ambivalent people.
7 views all have tabs and can be moved from place to place within the perspective.
8 If your database contains sensitive data, you might want to limit access to the catalog views, because the catalog describes every object in the database.
9 Another, more surprising, is the spread of liberal economic views in a society hitherto used to doing business through cartels and political patronage.
10 Yes, it was part of it, but not because I wanted to conform to social views on beauty or any of that rubbish.
11 Using this approach, you can simplify some of the data extraction requirements for your views and supporting applications.
12 you agree with the assessments of difficulty and importance, or do you have very different views?
13 If you want to move it to a different folder, delete it, or drag it onto another artifact, use one of the other views described in the following subsections.
14 She still holds to her own views.
15 We hold similar views on this issue, but out of different considerations.
16 Their views are still wide apart.
17 He gradually changed his views.
18 Their views coalesced to form a coherent policy.
19 They were blacklisted because of their extreme right-wing views.
20 The committee comprises men of widely different views.
21 I think there all these point of views.
22 I have some personal views, of course.
23 I agree with his views.
24 Many people fail in life not because of external forces that are beyond their control, but because of the decisions and views they hold about themselves and the world around them.
25 We want to hear your views as well.
26 I have always admired his views.
27 I suspect most of us will have similar views.
28 For anyone to assume that I have those kinds of views is uninformed.
29 Respect their views and boundaries and do not veer off regardless of their final decision.
30 Why then is there so much confusion and conflicting views on whether or not an organization or project is Agile?