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No. sentence
1 If you are a novice to cherry blossoms viewing in Japan, make sure you check out when the cherry blossoms are expected to bloom where!
2 This distance was based on the historical fact that it was that far from Winsor Castle to the royal viewing box during the 1908 Olympics in England.
3 What I do is lay out a method of viewing the world, and my exercises are designed to be done in your everyday life.
4 viewing the shrub, Tholomyes exclaimed, "I offer you asses!" and having agreed upon a price with the owner of the asses, they returned by way of Vanvres and Issy.
5 The Calabrian Peninsula appears shortened and distorted due to the extreme sideways viewing Angle from the ISS.
6 The conductor might be commanding his musicians, but he cannot control his audience – the places our eyes and imagination might travel, and how this might affect our viewing and listening experience.
7 Cable has splintered television viewing over the years into smaller and smaller niches. The Internet is continuing the process.
8 They have also submitted requests for viewing time on big telescopes in order to follow up on some of the more unusual discoveries made by volunteers.
9 SI: With this parallax barrier technology, the LCD must be a certain distance away from the screen. It also needs a certain viewing Angle.
10 They spent 30 minutes on the bottom of the world before surfacing with their glass viewing ports cracked by the pressure.
11 The pagodas were viewing platforms, and had to be rebuilt as the glacier retreated: this monumental, almost eternal force of nature seemed mortally wounded.
12 With the app, you can select a pair of images from the library for viewing.
13 The slick is somewhat harder to make out in this shot, but this is because of the viewing angle and light conditions, not because the oil slick is dispersing.
14 For custom monitoring, however, our strategy is to output the timings as HTML comments so that only by viewing the source can you see the comments.
15 This way, you can observe the actual structure and behavior of a real system, by walking around it and viewing it from any Angle in a virtual world.
16 Viewing even our small example without reference to the state diagram, it is quite difficult to discern the order in which methods should be invoked.
17 If you are a lab manager, you can track and manage lab resource requests by viewing the status of all requests, assigning requests to lab personnel to fulfill, or fulfilling them directly.
18 It provides a single portal for viewing the status of all your databases.
19 This section provides extra details about the current step that you are viewing.
20 For close viewing the density of picture elements should be no worse than on a standard computer screen, about 80 per inch.
21 Lab managers can track and manage lab resource requests by viewing the status of all requests.
22 This enables viewing, editing, debugging and automatic verification of messages sent to the server and the AMF response returning from the server.
23 If you have problems accessing or viewing this page, contact your network or systems administrator to discuss your firewall or proxy Settings.
24 You can make this narrow strip expand by transferring your look from the object you are viewing to that strip of the aura and the background.
25 A small kickstand folds out from the back of the handset allowing you to sit the phone horizontally when watching videos or viewing photos.
26 Prevent visitors from viewing and printing your source code.
27 The two SQL statements are compared as text for easy viewing and modification.
28 Viewing the state of your running flow instances.
29 As you can see, this brings up a sub-menu where I have the option of viewing details about the volume, removing the volume from the storage object, or destroying the volume.
30 Viewing, inserting, modifying, and deleting information can all be audited and easily reported.