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No. sentence
1 China has long viewed its ties with Pakistan as part of a strategy to increase its sway over South Asian affairs, which has aggravating its relationship with India.
2 Likewise, the relationship between the viewer and the viewed, which on the web is egalitarian-we're all just nodes on a network-becomes much more hierarchical in a gallery.
3 I also check to make sure that I haven't visited it before, and, if not, the link is loaded into my interrogate and viewed queues.
4 Nowadays, business and information technology can be viewed as two cogs of the same wheel.
5 When what you held dear can be viewed as a gift, a wonder that you had it at all, the memory can eventually become one more of gratitude than tragedy.
6 The location is exceptionally poor, viewed from the sanitation point.
7 When you switch to another node or add a new node, you will be positioned at the same TAB in the node being viewed.
8 Hougomont viewed on the map, as a geometrical plan, comprising buildings and enclosures, presents a sort of irregular rectangle, one angle of which is nicked out.
9 These structures were viewed as great artifacts of earlier civilizations by some, but as quarries of usable or saleable materials by others.
10 Maybe not. Normally, sunset (and sunrise) colours can be still be very dramatic, especially when the atmosphere is clear and the sun is viewed very near the horizon, as in this scene.
11 These restaurant recommendations can be viewed by other friends of yours.
12 But not just for its own sake or because they mistakenly believe that science holds "the key" to human progress or provides the lens through which such progress should be viewed.
13 narrow park is bisected by Hwy. 93, and much of its spectacular scenery can be viewed from the road.
14 they were able to measure how different brain regions reacted and communicated with one another when the volunteers viewed angry faces, as opposed to sad or neutral faces.
15 Year of 2010 is the Year of Tiger. It really bodes well because, in China, tiger has always been viewed as the animal of strength and power.
16 Most regular people still haven't viewed their first TV clip on a computer screen.
17 can then be viewed in the context of project areas whose process specifications have been derived from these process templates.
18 To that I borrow the cover from Fortune Magazine, in which I put the pictures of the CEOs on it that they viewed as failed leaders.
19 He never upstaged his wife and though intelligent and rich, he was content to be viewed as a golfing, gin-swilling duffer.
20 Certainly I viewed it as important, but as a reward for performance; as something which came after, not prior to activity.
21 They aim to protect the data from being viewed, modified, or hacked while in transit.
22 lack of indifference toward the beloved may lead the lover to take measures which hurt the other when viewed within a partial perspective, but can be seen as beneficial from a global perspective.
23 four on board cameras that relay images back to the operator via the hand held controller. Each shot can be viewed on screen separately or all four at once in a grid.
24 Population growth in Africa has long been a source of concern, as food and fresh water supplies are strained, but Kent argues that Africa's plentiful young may actually be viewed as its strength.
25 All of these are now preserved as an archive that can be viewed and listened to by anyone.
26 a sky perhaps existed before sunrise this past Sunday as viewed from a snowy slope in eastern Switzerland.
27 Previously, scientists had viewed RNA as simply "the slave molecule between DNA and protein, " as Sharp puts it, or in spliced form, capable of generating a great number of diverse proteins.
28 When viewed from the front or the side the head bears a general resemblance to a well-blunted clean wedge, being smooth in outline.
29 If these pictures are now viewed in the light of that twenty-second year of my life, some features may be discerned even through their crude drawing and blurred colouring.
30 Suddenly, China is viewed through the prism of what could go wrong.