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No. sentence
1 The rosier view of Liverpool’s future depends in part on the city’s uneasy relationship with the region’s biggest developer, Peel Holdings.
2 This article converted him to our point of view.
3 As stated by Larson and Murray, “Our view is that the world will create these BLOSSOMS modules. MIT is quality assurance.”
4 They took a gloomy view about the whole thing.
5 go and view the house before we buy it.
6 You should test this view mode for usability given the size of your portal and the screen size available for your device.
7 He said resources should be switched away from these highly expensive studies, which in his view have now done their job.
8 common view that drinking makes you forget about things and impairs your learning is not wrong, but it highlights only one side of what alcohol does to the brain.
9 They can display a tabular view of the data alongside the chart, and clicking data points in either the table or chart highlights them in both, allowing for easy cross-identification of data.
10 If changes occur for which you have no tests, then you will have no view of the risk you are still carrying.
11 Tom hasn't been told that mum might be leaving him alone with grandma some evenings to go out and see a man called Chris, and that those hills might be the view from his bedroom for years to come.
12 Don't view things as static and isolated.
13 Within each level, we present both the dynamic view and static view of the behavior for that particular level.
14 However, the information captured so far provides only a static view of the system context, represented through the users, roles, channels, and external systems.
15 Specifically, you need to create an instance variable for each dynamic component that you defined on the view.
16 My view is that as scientists, we can provide useful information, but we need to be clear about its limitations and strive to improve information for the future.
17 Q: How do the Maasai people view family planning?
18 We have been force-fed the doctrines of self-esteem for so long that most people don't really view themselves as sinners worthy of divine wrath.
19 I know recruiters have been asking this question for a while, but from a community point of view - where are all the testers?
20 Developers, testers and managers can search this database by use case name and view the related sequence diagrams in a browser.
21 It loops through the view and provides access to its contents.
22 Her social position jaundiced his view of things.
23 A new and modest view of space, indeed, from the country that brought you the Apollo programme.
24 My view is that the new policy buys a trivial new incentive at the cost of a modest loss in deterrence.
25 You can view these statistics to help determine how your cache is performing, and whether the size of your cache is appropriate.
26 So in view of the lukewarm reviews, the acquisition by Microsoft was unexpected.
27 bird's-eye view of China would indicate that China's terrain descends in four steps from west to east.
28 a Western-centric view of the world, it can sometimes be hard to remember that not everyone owns a smartphone.
29 When all the header information for calendar entries cannot be displayed completely for a day in a calendar view, the day displays a horizontal scroll bar.
30 I like the test view you give.