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No. sentence
1 They had volunteers watch video clips of a woman saying different simple phrases, such as “the square box,” or “peel the banana.
2 I do have a video, an early video.
3 The video originally aired uncut on Pakistani TV showing an unarmed Shah being shot and falling down in the street bleeding to death and screaming.
4 Comcast offers its customers a variety of bundled services: connection to the Internet, cable television, telephony and video on demand.
5 This video explains the philosophy behind the creations and describes each project in more detail.
6 Each one has its own website with video clips and other enticements to engage consumers.
7 Although video streaming is a no-show, both full IM and voice communication is supported directly over wireless networks.
8 The goal is for users to be able to watch and learn from the lip movements of a native speaker dictating any sentence, even though each video is machine-generated.
9 Next time an airline loses or breaks your luggage, try shaming them with a song and a video.
10 Video - Proper running form: Watch this video to see what your running form should look like.
11 Most of them dealt with disappointment by ordering another beer and immersing themselves in a fresh game of video poker.
12 Try various formats and styles, test length, test if there is no video at all, do you still get the same results?
13 Those abnormal people, when seeing the beautiful ladies abusing animals, would feel extraordinarily thrilled as if taking drugs. Therefore, they were willing to pay a high price for the video.
14 Two kindergarten teachers in Daxing district have been fired after a video emerged online showing them abusing a 4-year-old boy.
15 the Nook Tablet costs $50 more than the Kindle Fire and doesn't offer in-house video and music services, but has its own charms as a reading-focused device with a dollop of multimedia.
16 Here, the pieces are individually painted with absolute precision, like you can see in detail in this video.
17 You'll feel every punch, grimace at every brutal knock-down and celebrate every win as if it were your last in EA's fantastic boxing video game.
18 I first converted the video files and used an FTP program to upload them to my remote site, then download them to a video player on my computer.
19 To find out how the winged mammals find the insects, researchers set up a video camera inside a cowshed that was home to a bat colony and lots of bugs.
20 This object representation contains details of the video being requested, such as its URL, author, provider, and title.
21 Action plan: the Opera Research Institute envisages the collection and publication of scripts, photographs, and audio and video recordings of Kunqu performances.
22 Police dispersed stone-throwing students on the sprawling campus and classes were cancelled after the video emerged.
23 But do video games actually provoke aggressive feelings, reduce activity in the frontal lobe of the brain and promote violent behavior, as the California law asserts?
24 was joined on the stage after her speech by her two little girls, who spoke to their father via a remote video link and charmed many in the audience.
25 Because we love our video.
26 The children are addicted to video games.
27 Actually, let me back up and do this in video.
28 Do an exercise video.
29 So where is the real video?
30 Then she asked if it could be hooked up to a video game.