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No. sentence
1 After the first victory, our army followed through to win every battle.
2 We were preening ourselves on having won another victory.
3 Jubilant and gracious in victory, she gave her first news conference in 18 months, talked of the congratulations she received from friends and foes alike, and reciprocated them.
4 A loud roar erupted outside my apartment window.Across the city, jubilant fans poured into the streets to celebrate the victory.
5 I have laid 100 dollars on that horse's victory.
6 We have defended the fruits of our victory.
7 Her victory was assured when she earned the backing of America and China early this week.
8 If we want to be let into victory by the Spirit of God, then we have to be willing to change our life style as God speak to us.
9 She suggests keeping a gratitude journal, in which you write down what you're grateful for, whether it's your health or a victory for your favorite sports team.
10 Knowing what kind of person he is on the first date leads you to final victory," she says.
11 In an age without surrender ceremonies, we must earn victory through the success of our partners and the strength of our own nation.
12 It is the art of accepting failure as a step toward victory.
13 Chavez spoke to thousands of supporters shortly after the release of results showing a clear victory for the reform plan. Mr.
14 They say it is time to elect a women President, believing such a victory will serve as a role model for the next generation.
15 The former premier was quick to speak out from his self-imposed exile in Dubai, congratulating his sister on her victory and hailing the results as a vote for "change in a peaceful manner".
16 We smelled a good scent, it is the smell of victory. We know it is the time.
17 We must fight this battle through to victory.
18 Led by the Party, we will certainly fulfil all our tasks and march from victory to victory.
19 After Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation that took effect on January 1, 1863, it became clear that northern victory would mean the end of slavery.
20 After a string of Union defeats, this tactical victory provided Abraham Lincoln the political cover he needed to issue his Emancipation Proclamation.
21 An army spokesman said that, by mid-afternoon yesterday, its troops, had cleared protesters from several key areas including the Victory Monument and two major road junctions.
22 Around 100,000 fans packed the Bernabeu on 21 June to witness the final of Euro 1964 when Spain snatched a victory rife with political overtones from the Soviet Union.
23 The former premier was quick to speak out from his self-imposed exile in Dubai, congratulating his sister on her victory and hailing the results as a vote for “change in a peaceful manner”.
24 Manchester City midfielder Nigel DE Jong believes his club's victory in the pre-season Dublin Super Cup bodes well for the campaign ahead.
25 And the party is buoyed by a sudden whiff of potential victory.
26 A personscharacter isnt determined by how he or she enjoys victory but rather how he orshe endures defeat. Nothing can help us endure dark times better than ourfaith.
27 Though we know of gravity's inevitable victory, with every leap and lift, they express our secret hope to overcome our own earthbound limitations.
28 This means that it runs its internal affairs on credit, using the expectation of victory as collateral, and saves its gold for dealings with neutral countries.
29 Mr Rajapakse has driven the Tigers from the east, held an election there and claims to be closing in on victory.
30 As they smash up neat Georgian barracks, the Russians curse their own poverty and hail their victory in the same breath.