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1 In addition, scientists have successfully transplanted wombs in different animal models, but hurdles still stand in the way of making the procedure viable in humans.
2 Already British farmers are experimenting with apricots, peaches, almonds and olives; in the future, staple crops such as durum wheat, soya and maize might become viable, too.
3 The only viable way to run thousands of searches against it is to simulate single users banging away, one search at a time.
4 With the price of animal feed rising steadily, it could even become a viable alternative to beef, pork and chicken in the years to come.
5 In fact, you must make a conscious effort to create a viable contingency plan instead of sticking your head in the sand or giving it only lip service.
6 They should enjoy a national life of dignity as a free, viable and independent people in their own state.
7 My point is that technological evolution must also be viable in relation to the evolution of the market.
8 We believe that the only viable strategy for authenticating users is to apply the defense in depth principle, mixing a number of authentication techniques.
9 The pathogen is able to travel like a stowaway, remaining viable in the mud on shoes or tires and on crates and cages in which birds have been transported.
10 But they think they are the first to have succeeded in a commercially viable way, for they have installed a plant at the Budweiser brewery in Idaho Falls.
11 He would like to concentrate his citizens, boosting the population density in areas that are still economically viable, while encouraging people to move out of districts that are not.
12 But even if there is a partially unknowable reality beneath reality, I'm not sure how that implies that spirituality is a viable means to access it.
13 She said that outside the BBC, radio would not be commercially viable and was therefore likely to end up solely in the form of "hobbyist" models such as podcasts.
14 You have to devote internal resources to verify that third parties using your platform are viable and legitimate.
15 So, the primary disadvantage of this scenario is that it simply might not be viable in all situations.
16 But in fact both approaches reflect a desire to see a reasonably cohesive eu as well as a viable euro.
17 Closing of the hospital has been considered but is not a viable option.
18 Clearly, we have a way to go in developing tools and processes to make AOP viable for everyday use.
19 Citizendium seemed like it had an outside chance at becoming a viable competitor, but it has been managed poorly thus far and I think the window of opportunity is closing rapidly.
20 social services provided by poplars include provision of shelter, shade and dwellings; protection of crops and provision of fodder for livestock, and increasingly, viable sources of bio-energy.
21 After all, China may have sent astronauts into orbit and brought them back safely, but the country has yet to produce its first commercially viable medium-sized regional jet.
22 strategic question for an enterprise is how to find way of both contributing value to the ecosystem, and drawing value from the ecosystem, through the provision of ecologically viable services.
23 So for a university based cloud computing system to be economically viable, it requires a proper scheduling mechanism to monitor demand and allocate the system resources.
24 Through several decades of development, the diesel engine of the modern has become a kind of motive that exhausts to sweep, save the energy, is a kind of viable transition technique solution.
25 Additionally, if you already have most of these libraries setup and working, this might be a viable option.
26 The cynical attitude of the nuclear lobby extends far into the future, strangling at birth the Japanese archipelagos only viable source of alternative energy—offshore wind power.
27 In the Lucifer Rebellion, this is what some people did want, to run their own affairs, and you know what, all he had to do was ask, and present a viable plan, not carry out an insurrection.
28 But Clive Dickens, the chief operating officer of Absolute radio - formerly Virgin - said commercial radio would remain viable, although he conceded there would be casualties.
29 This Canadian example clearly shows that establishing a hin of scale using point-to-point integration architectures is not viable from a cost standpoint.
30 Hydrogen sceptics point out not only the large capital costs associated with the production, transportation and storage of hydrogen, but also the availability of far more viable alternatives.