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No. sentence
1 Historical records say that it reached Italy via sailors coming from the Caspian Sea, but how it got to the Caspian we do not know.
2 Peck interviewed the representative via instant message, contacting an account he said they used to send out the tweets and later deleted.
3 In general, data flows up, in events, toward the data processor, or down, via refresh, toward the event generator.
4 disposed the extracted characteristics, and judged the technical state of engine using the method of fuzzing mathematics, via measuring the key characteristics parameters of engine.
5 After breakfast, drive to Masai Mara via the Great Rift Valley to arrive at Maasai Mara in time for evening game drive.
6 But unlike their wealthy neighbours, who come via high-end realtors, the Shinnecock Indian Nation say they are the children of a goddess who caused the land to form beneath her feet.
7 For each rule, you specify a protocol, a range of ports, and a range of IP addresses allowed to access those ports via that protocol.
8 Ability to gain market share, technologies, or a foothold in a new area of business or geographical market via merger with or acquisition of another company.
9 It is something I have been told and shown via an array of broadcast media from Heifer and other organizations dedicated to fighting poverty and hunger.
10 commands are only sent to the effected cell servers via a broadcast mechanism.
11 Since consumption tends to grow more slowly than GDP, excess capacity can only be used up via yet more investment or exports.
12 Air is sucked in via tubes and wafted gently over the bees.
13 To lighten the load, NASA's newest lunar probes will take an indirect route to the moon, via a type of celestial way station where the sun's gravity and Earth's gravity balances out.
14 Many people go online via a router and typically only the computer directly connected to the device can interrogate it for ID information.
15 After installing GRUB in the MBR of the external drive, I was able to boot it directly when connected via USB.
16 They went till Inverness via Loch ness.
17 Moreover, one service can be offered via multiple protocols to clients, simply by configuring the proper set of destinations and mediations for each.
18 Or do you prefer accessing Wikipedia via the web?
19 Memory space breach — Accomplished via stack overflow, buffer overrun, or heap error, enables execution of arbitrary code supplied by the attacker with the permissions of the host process.
20 via satellite from Baghdad to reporters at the Pentagon, General Odierno said Iraqi security forces have taken control of all major metropolitan areas in the country.
21 Besides, with the ease and convenience of communicating via the Internet nowadays, there is no excuse not to keep in touch!
22 unscrupulous doctors and cosmetologists who buy from the illicit producers or middlemen, often via the Internet, hoping to pocket the price difference," they say.
23 That means that we prevent such access via access controls on our backend as well as strict policy prohibitions.
24 service passes a response -- if there is one -- back to the client via another asynchronous message.
25 You can depict all features, usage, and tips of your product via the welcome page.
26 You should be able to make some money via tips despite not getting paid.
27 The Mexican flame-knee tarantula was studied via its molted exoskeleton, which incidentally came from Rind's pet tarantula, Fluffy, who had died before she could participate in the experiments.
28 With the court, chocolate moves in by via the blue Danube.
29 Amsterdam to Copenhagen via Hamburg is one of the most useful routes to travellers, and gives you a few hours of gawping at Denmark out the window before arrival.
30 For example, chunks could be checked to see if they belong to a larger aggregated space via address comparisons.