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No. sentence
1 The chairman has the right to veto any of the board's proposals.
2 It reserved the entire dry season flow of the Nile for Egyptand allowed Cairo to veto any water development project in the Nilebasin.
3 If, on the other hand, a country finds itself blocked by a veto (or threatened veto), it can still decide to go it alone, as America did over the invasion of Iraq.
4 But, unlike in America, he cannot veto bills.
5 Mr Bush's veto does not kill stem-cell research. Scientists who spurn federal cash may do as they please.
6 Otherwise they will try to hang on to some trappings of independence, such as their veto over the editor.
7 The centre can exert control indirectly through deficit targets and the right to veto borrowing.
8 McConnell said since President Obama has veto power, the Republican-controlled House should also seek to withhold funding from implementation of the health-care legislation.
9 Efforts to repeal the reform are likely to fail because the Democrats still hold the Senate majority and Republicans would need two-thirds of all senators to overcome a presidential veto.
10 But Fidel is still likely to exercise a veto power behind the scenes.
11 That would come before the new Republicans are sworn in, and Obama would surely veto the measure if it succeeds.
12 But in the end he did not need to contemplate exercising a veto because Barclays saw Lehman as too hot to handle.
13 By reading Call me Ted, you learn about how Ted had free reign to produce at Turner Industries until he gave over that veto clause, and you make a mental note not to do that.
14 Britain would be able to veto the introduction of the tax in the EU because all taxation matters have to be agreed by all 27 members of the EU.
15 This would not mean giving the UN Security Council a veto over its actions, or rounding up Britain and Togo and doing as it pleased.
16 So when Mr King, the only internal candidate, got the nod, some suspected that the British government had used its "golden share" to veto the appointment of a foreigner.
17 The president used the power of veto.
18 But would he veto?
19 He has enough support in congress to block any attempt to override his veto.
20 The Council Would Work Better Without the Veto.
21 Were it ever to reach Mr Obama's desk, he should veto it.
22 I had a decision to make. I could sign the bill into law and have a good road program paid for in an unfair way, or veto it and have no road program at all.
23 President Bush says he will veto that proposal.
24 That is because agritech companies have given themselves veto power over the work of independent researchers.
25 With permanent seats in the UN Security Council, China and probably Russia will veto any attempts at fresh sanctions.
26 They can push now for the toughest carbon-curbing law that will survive a filibuster in the Senate and a possible veto by President George Bush.
27 I am very actively involved as a concept designer in all stages of the work to make sure I was getting exactly what I want and hold the ultimate veto power.
28 China shows no sign of veto self-effacement, either.
29 Mr. Bush says he will veto the measure if it exceeds what he says are his reasonable and responsible funding levels.
30 For now, nearly all Republicans in Congress are supporting the President, which means the Democrats have no chance of overriding his veto. The President's team draws considerable support from this.