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No. sentence
1 This apple is very nice.
2 Now he was very grave; he leaned towards her, and she smelled the warm, stinging scent of the orange peel."
3 He played this old man very well.
4 She described the accident very carefully.
5 very salty water buoyed him up as he swam.
6 couched his demands in very polite terms.
7 Her spoken English is not very good, but her meaning shone through without doubt.
8 I can't date that house exactly, but it must be very old.
9 If the dictionary is properly marketed, it should sell very well.
10 He analysed the situation very closely.
11 It is very tiring work.
12 The room is small but very quiet.
13 She will make a very good athlete.
14 We are pegging out in a very clean spot.
15 The speaker got off one or two very amusing jokes.
16 This detector is a very delicate instrument; it'll go wrong if it's mishandled.
17 Mary sang very well when duetting with Jane.
18 They analysed the situation very closely.
19 He haggled home and felt very weary.
20 The car went very cheap.
21 Mary was very shy before she met Jack; he brought her out a lot.
22 I thought he spoke very apropos.
23 He moved very slowly because he suffered from rheumatism.
24 The little boy looks very funny when he knots his eyebrows.
25 The barber cut his hair very short.
26 She managed the household very well.
27 's very hot this summer, we have to bite down.
28 Very nice, but why should I use it?
29 We can go to a very nice restaurant or a nightclub. Whatever you like.
30 We can go to a very nice restaurant or a nightclub.