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1 Eng Prod owns any number of horizontal and vertical engineering disciplines, Test is the biggest. In a nutshell, eng Prod is made of.
2 An antenna of a base station, it has some sectors. The vertical communicates with mobile phones, the round one connects the base station with a controller.
3 One team might, for example, migrate vertical slices of the application code, while another team evolves these vertical slices toward the J2EE standard.
4 The vertical line meets the horizontal one here.
5 For the effect, you need to specify a size, with the horizontal size first, and then the vertical size.
6 While clustering is beyond the scope of this article, it is important to distinguish between vertical and horizontal clusters.
7 vertical axis shows us our projected Return on Investment. The horizontal axis shows our scorecard rating, from low to high.
8 Vertical or horizontal?
9 This works about as expected: Adjusting the vertical slider changes the range of the horizontal slider.
10 Is it horizontal layout? Or a vertical layout?
11 All lines were straightened, so that the map consists entirely of horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.
12 The answer is "horizontal" and "vertical" governance approach.
13 We built another data model to provide content for horizontal and vertical menu buttons that control the content of the headers and the table.
14 When you include an appropriate spacer in your horizontal or vertical layouts, your widgets will be grouped together with a section of expansive space where the spring is located.
15 The most critical value of this split between horizontal and vertical governance is that it creates a barrier to force the governance participants away from traditional "stove pipe" thinking.
16 You can declare multiple layouts for a container, so as to combine both vertical and horizontal spacing.
17 That is why kittens raised so that they see only vertical lines have brains that look different from those raised in an environment with purely horizontal ones.
18 I already had the TV timing circuits minimized and just had to use the horizontal and vertical counters to drive some memory with the characters stored.
19 The vertical lift is 20 feet.
20 Now this chart shows the vertical sequence of some of these alarms. This is largely on pressure, a pressure control programme.
21 The mountain was almost vertical.
22 About my only criticism of Steve Jobs is that Apple itself is quite vertical.
23 The second piece of luck is that all over the Earth there is a constant vertical electrical field.
24 Among these forces is the neglect of vertical forces, which is not too serious because they are quite small compared with the earth's gravitational attraction.
25 vertical position of bands mean anything?
26 These vertical language units are generally independent of each other, and thus you can use them independently.
27 Vertical clustering: Running multiple nodes or instances of an application server on the same host.
28 The car industry is a model of vertical integration; yet some entrepreneurs plot its disintegration.
29 If the file exceeds the vertical height of the dialog box, a control allows for simple scrolling up and down.
30 If your company is an ISV and your personal responsibilities include development or marketing, you need to build your products faster and compete more effectively in your vertical markets.