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No. sentence
1 One question, Tan says, is how efficiently the process works for massive versus light stars, because that's likely to be the mechanism that determines stellar mass.
2 They argued about traveling by train versus traveling by plane.
3 Some analysts, however, see Germany outperforming other European markets going forward because of the euro, which tumbled versus the dollar during the second quarter.
4 Today's football match is France versus Brazil.
5 So the question is when we do decide to license out our partner, or investing, spinning it out versus developing in ourselves, how do we make that decision.
6 But it's not a simple case of flourishing Banks versus ailing workers: Banks that are actually in the business of lending, as opposed to trading, are still in trouble.
7 When deciding whether to invest in stocks or bonds, the risks versus the potentials have to be weighed.
8 Students switched significantly more often than staff between the media, and had shorter gazes overall than staff, with a median gaze duration of 2.3 seconds versus 3.1 seconds for staff.
9 Everton picked up their 71st red card in the Premier League with Seamus Coleman's dismissal versus Chelsea on the final day, equalling Blackburn Rovers' all-time record.
10 But tree and bush are hardly that, since there is no way to define a tree versus a bush. The two categories grade insensibly into one another.
11 When the donor cells attack the AML cells it is called "graft versus leukemia" or GVL.
12 And when these groups were set in competition against each other, the Eagles versus the Rattlers, the within-group intensity grew.
13 Inexperience versus simplicity.
14 In the short term, the changes in these applications might seem harmless, but once you deploy a new application it begins to behave differently in your production versus staging environments.
15 DB2 implements the ability for scanners to skip uncommitted inserted rows versus waiting when in conflict through lock attributes and feedback on lock requests.
16 Instead, they focus on the relative importance of responding to a given need versus whatever other needs the organization might have.
17 The opening daywas one of stark contrasts and featured a classic sartorial duel:wearable clothes versus theatrical tactics.
18 Chapter 19 is about decision and strategy: what is the winning strategy in the game of administrator versus attacker, for example?
19 What are some of the advantages of using these frameworks versus the portal framework?
20 I won't get into a discussion of turnover versus stride length here, but suffice it to say most runners have too long of stride.
21 The technician plotted the thermal conductivity versus mean temperature.
22 So the difference between being just a small distance away from the explosive device - even a few feet - versus being right next to it, can save your life," Borkar says.
23 The extreme movements of the euro versus the dollar across the last decade have created enormous uncertainty for business, while distorting trade and investment flows.
24 Other tests compared various sizes of mail files, such as 400 MB versus 1 GB, while keeping the number of documents included in the mail file constant.
25 What functionality should go in this release versus the next patch release, given our window of opportunity?
26 Once you have performed the steps listed above, you can then determine appropriate tradeoffs of risk versus cost.
27 I think it's important to keep reality in mind, versus what happens with people's imaginations.
28 There's no future versus past, everything is equal to each other.
29 This activity is designed to help you understand what is personally novel and complex for you, versus what is rote and passive.
30 You could always quibble with any study that estimates the effectiveness of one policy versus another. You can also argue circumstances change and different policies become appropriate.