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No. sentence
1 In this version, the Wolf dissects Grandmother, then invites Red in for a meal of her flesh, presumably with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti.
2 This means, for example, throwing out the idea that any international model — say, the Anglo-American version — can be imposed or grafted onto other cultures.
3 This is because we need similar skills and knowledge to support that product on each "code branch" — that is, that development activity related to each product version.
4 I had no idea what would happen to them or where the film would go, but I knew that I had found an amazing family; a modern-day version of the Joads from the Grapes of Wrath.
5 Every device can be the same version of the platform.
6 In contrast, AIX is broken down into four main operating system levels: version, release, technology level (TL), and service pack (SP).
7 If the task does not exist in the new version, you cannot migrate to that process version.
8 Instead, it is a project aimed at making it easier to migrate your database changes while in development from one version of the database to another as the database evolves.
9 The idea came from a newsgroup Posting a long time ago, but I haven't been able to find original version.
10 Because you're using the cloud version of your application, you can delete and restore your database without any users complaining.
11 this code tries to create the object using one version of MSXML; if that fails, it then creates the object using the other version.
12 The original version of Screen was released more than 10 years ago, so chances are your system has the utility—typically named /usr/bin/screen.
13 Find all occurrences of parts in any model and version with part Numbers that begin with "WIN".
14 Version numbers do not have to remain constant from stream to stream.
15 These forced developers to create a version for almost any different device!
16 As I stated previously, your results will vary depending upon which browser and version you use.
17 If not, what do you do when the vendor withdraws support for that version?
18 rule and type system changes discussed in the previous section must be applied to the XML rule and type system files in the installed version of the regular expression annotator PEAR.
19 You need to have a solid understanding of PHP to use PEAR, and the online documentation is frequently updated, so having a local version is only of value if you need to work offline a lot.
20 Congress must find the money to fund and pass the House version of the Child Nutrition Act, H.R. 5504. The stripped down Senate version simply will not do.
21 It updates the vocabulary and grammar of the King James Version, while preserving the classic style and beauty.
22 In recent years, it has also become clear that carriers of a particular version of a particular gene are at higher risk than others of depression and attempted suicide when they face traumatic events.
23 This code is not what I first attempted; this final version, nicely fixed up so that it works, reflects a handful of interesting quirks.
24 Shadows are most of the time a darker version of the ambient light because the ambient light gets reflected/bounced of pretty much everywhere and thus mixes with the actual color of the object.
25 they don't show up directly in Wikipedia yet, a new version of the system that will appear in the free encyclopedia is under development.
26 Portugal is vulnerable not because it is an identikit version of either Greece or Ireland, but because it shares some of the symptoms of both those afflicted economies.
27 These conflicts can be resolved by using different context roots for each version.
28 Last week's Casual Fridays study was inspired by my (incorrect) observation that the latest beta version of Firefox always displays tabs.
29 In it, a colored cloud is used to indicate the old process model version and a pop-up message box over the cloud shows the migration history of the instance, as shown in Figure 25.
30 The final stylesheet is roughly 70% smaller than the (admittedly clumsy) original version.