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1 In all of these, men outperform women - although women hold their own when it comes to verbal reasoning and have a definite edge in foreign language skills and spelling.
2 Use Positive Language (Body and Verbal) – You can use positive language skills to exhibit yourself as a helpful, constructive person rather than a destructive, disinterested one.
3 During her second pregnancy, she read about a study that found that women who ate little seafood during pregnancy were more likely to have children who scored low on tests of verbal I.Q..
4 If you don't know what to do with your hands, think about the message you want to communicate. As in ordinary conversation, your hands should simply help emphasize or reinforce your verbal message.
5 In an interview with a fan website, he described the scene, poking fun at his and Stallone's trademark verbal dexterity.
6 That verbal label can activate the visual representation of the berry more effectively than can be accomplished without using the name.
7 This contract contains the entire understanding between the parties with respect to this transaction. Any prior agreement, verbal shall be supersede by this contract.
8 So, here is his verbal ecstasy as he watches her: "Look," she said as she rode the bike beside me, one foot scraping the darkly glistening sidewalk. "Look. I've decided something.
9 some have the long-range acoustic device, a sound cannon that can be used to issue verbal warnings, or deafen anyone who stands in its path.
10 Diversified viewpoints are not presented, and issues of public concern almost inevitably lead to polarized verbal spats.Apocryphal information abounds, blurring the boundary between truth and rumor.
11 Locally, the prevalent form of teen dating abuse is verbal, not physical, according to all the professionals, volunteers and students I spoke with.
12 It will be hard, but this is a better way to win the argument against Hamas than the past year's vain efforts to make the Palestinians jump through verbal hoops they have come to consider humiliating.
13 Here, we look at some of his most famous verbal volleys.
14 Verbal fillers are the No. 1 problem," says Randy Bitting, cofounder of InterviewStream, a Web-based service that gives job seekers the chance to tape and watch themselves in mock interviews.
15 Cutting aid is not the only lever Mr Obama has for jolting Israel into acquiescence over the settlements. Louder verbal expressions of dismay than any of his predecessors have made would be one more.
16 Verbal intervention on the dollar and euro is welcome - but it is time for verbal intervention on the rupee and renminbi as well.
17 verbal sabre rattling by US Treasury Secretary Geithner is a threat to the open global trading system.
18 Causes of stillbirths as determined by hospital assessment and verbal autopsy were compared in frequency.
19 of a know-it-all, he comes across as slightly hostile, even if only through verbal argument, or jokes targeted at others.
20 But the new study shows the opposite effect: whatever the programming, the ultimate outcome of television noise is to inhibit verbal exchanges.
21 my being esteemed a pretty good riggite, that is, a jocular verbal satirist, supported my consequence in the society.
22 Ask for your purpose in this state of stillness without expecting a verbal answer from your mind.
23 Not that Henry Hitchings's book is about verbal surrealism.
24 Studying the effects of the chirping sound on other mice could promote research into the evolution of mammalian verbal communications," said Arikuni Uchimura, the researcher from Osaka University.
25 Senior American and South Korean officials say, at the time, North Korea made a clear verbal agreement to agree on a mechanism for confirming the accuracy of its declaration.
26 verbal brawl over Heidegger's theories should not be surprising, though. After all, the classic American position on how liberal societies should treat dangerous ideas is worth more discussion.
27 problem is that he can only contribute a verbal description of the solution, perhaps augmented by diagrams he draws on a whiteboard.
28 Therefore, these verbal cues are believed in the present study as red flags of deception and helpful clues for the interrogators to perceive the psychological status of lying suspects.
29 But their improvement on the verbal fluency test doubled after listening to music on the treadmills.
30 As the prospect of statehood has receded, there have been harsher verbal attacks on Mr Abbas, who has staked his credibility on a two-state deal ever since he co-drafted the Oslo accords in 1993.