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veracity in a sentence

31. the veracity of the stories is not a determining factor.

32. The veracity of some of these claims has been questioned.

33. Also the veracity of Deuterostomes is under discussion.

34. However, the veracity of this part has been questioned.

35. Serious doubts remain about the veracity of the tale;

36. His biographer questions the veracity of this story.

37. Sigar hears Havelock's story and checks its veracity.

38. However, the veracity of this story is controversial.

39. The veracity of his confession has never been confirmed.

40. Pakistan denied the veracity of these statements.

41. A spokesman for Zuma denied the veracity of the report.

42. The veracity of this ritual is yet to be determined.

43. God alone can judge the veracity and purity of his life;

44. The company was sold to Veracity Network, Inc in 2011.

45. Noah Pollak questioned the veracity of their polling.

46. Emphasis is put on the tales, and not their veracity;

47. However, the veracity of these claims is disputed.

48. There have been debates about the veracity of the story.

49. Lord questioned Sherrod's "veracity and credibility".

50. His handle on the Internet Chess Club is "veracity".

51. The veracity of this story is impossible to ascertain.

52. Such is this European scholar’s love of veracity!

53. Research into the veracity of this theory is ongoing.

54. The veracity of the above description has been debated.

55. the veracity of the blood tests is obviously not.

56. This casts doubt on the veracity of Asher's claim.

57. But the veracity of news received could not be checked.

58. The veracity of this claim has, however, been disputed.

59. The chairman disallowed the veracity of his report.

60. We assess all news stories and test their veracity.