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No. sentence
1 fence along the middle of the road is intended to guard vehicles from crashing into each other.
2 The default is to search for all categories of vehicles.
3 Recommended measures could be directed towards persons, baggage, cargo, containers, ships, aircraft, road vehicles, goods or postal parcels.
4 public health crisis since the great smog of 1952, London needs fewer and cleaner vehicles not buckets of greenwash from the current mayor.
5 He said this was the scariest part of the war because it was night and there were still dismounted Iraqis all over the ridge, most probably survivors from the destroyed vehicles.
6 AS the road approaches Kisumu, Kenya's third-biggest city and capital of the Luos, the country's third biggest but angriest ethnic group, it becomes littered with rubble and burnt vehicles.
7 Two CTU tactical assault vehicles were just rolling up behind the smoldering white van. A five-man assault team bailed out of each vehicle before they came to a complete stop.
8 question for Toyota is how far it can test that devotion to its vehicles.
9 The Highlander was appropriate, he said, given the size of his district and House rules setting fuel-efficiency standards for leased vehicles.
10 The cars are being leased through dealerships so they would get an idea of what it takes to sell and service fuel-cell vehicles, he added.
11 The centre calculates that if this system alone were fitted to all the vehicles in Europe it would reduce the number of people killed on the roads there by almost 17%.
12 The mainissue is intrusion of highway vehicles on the railroad.
13 Chang 'an is crisscrossed by roads and lanes with streams of horses and vehicles.
14 In the future, coated carbon nanotubes crafted from individual atoms could power everything from cell phones to hybrid-electric vehicles.
15 It all sounds suspiciously like the subprime mortgage boom, when Banks parked illiquid assets in off-balance-sheet vehicles.
16 Pirelli believes its new tyre could be fitted to cars in 2012 or 2013, but this will depend on when carmakers incorporate the necessary monitoring and control systems into their vehicles.
17 Clouds are vehicles for energy. They carry solar energy from the warm tropics to other parts of the globe through weather systems.
18 It USES GPS to measure a vehicle's speed and a set of accelerometers to measure the forces acting on the car as it accelerates, brakes and turns.
19 Lorries full of supplies have been unable to get petrol on the empty expressway north, reserved for "emergency" vehicles.
20 SJH Projects, a small British company, has developed a so-called "stone sponge" material that, fixed to a vehicle's undercarriage, partially absorbs the blast.
21 Water flowed into the air intake hose of the vehicle's engine, said investigators, who speculated the air induction nozzle might have been attached too low.
22 At the Paris Motor Show this week they unveiled electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Some go on sale in the next few months.
23 A preliminary investigation indicated that the inmates — in collusion with prison workers — escaped through the service entrance for vehicles belonging to prison staff members.
24 Hyundai often brags about its line of cars rated 40 miles per gallon on the highway, and said 37% of the vehicles it sold in October were 40-mpg models.
25 But some minor roads in coastal areas are still blocked or can be used only by light vehicles.
26 All kinds of vehicles weltered together.
27 In these obscure corners they have found the chance to show what they've got, but, sadly, not necessarily in vehicles operating on their level of talent.
28 Suspect vehicles include those that drive in circles and those that go to government buildings and military facilities, especially if they stop near them.
29 worsened as China develops and private ownership of vehicles becomes the dream of every family.
30 one of these vehicles, which they could only see with difficulty through the thick elms, halted for a moment, then set out again at a gallop.