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No. sentence
1 Smoking should be banned in cars, and particularly any vehicle with children in it.
2 He said some armed robbers snatched the official vehicle of a Commissioner and that they needed to make a quick arrest.
3 Hit by a speeding vehicle in 1997, she was paralyzed from the waist down.
4 Almeida swerved the vehicle onto a concrete access plate. When the front wheel struck, the van bounced high enough for the second shot to slam into the engine block instead of the cab.
5 Two CTU tactical assault vehicles were just rolling up behind the smoldering white van. A five-man assault team bailed out of each vehicle before they came to a complete stop.
6 The leased vehicle remains the property of the lessor -- the company that issued the lease.
7 In Kyrgyzstan, the number of motor vehicle collisions is rising and so is the number of those who are injured or killed in them.
8 his permission, I would like to discuss the military potential of this vehicle.
9 They evaluated healthy volunteers who were shown video clips of both safe driving and unexpected motor vehicle accidents.
10 aside, a technology such as GPS can in fact track a thing or, say a person in a vehicle, remotely from far away, by triangulating off of satellites.
11 Where a motor vehicle meets with a breakdown or traffic accident on the expressway, and is unable to run normally, it shall be pulled or drawn by a rescue vehicle or a wrecker.
12 Before the designs created by humans, it was not a vehicle, but only a heap of dangerous raw materials.
13 He drives around in his red leisure activity vehicle, his Citroen Berlingo, and keeps an eye on his wife.
14 Salt is an ideal vehicle," says Trevor Milner, an international public health consultant based on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
15 It would be similar to a Humvee vehicle for patrolling on the ground but could turn into a helicopter at the touch of a button in an emergency.
16 TMAdV's rarity in humans could make it a potentially powerful tool as a viral vehicle for delivering gene therapy, Chiu adds.
17 Then she lay in the road for a period of minutes, injured but alive, as a total of 18 other people walked or bicycled by and ignored her -- until another vehicle came by and ran over her again.
18 vehicle, which was recently given a 110-pound weight exemption by the FAA, transforms from a two-wheel drive car to an airplane with a range of 460 miles in less than 30 seconds.
19 However, each of these applications will have different requirements on the subset of vehicle data that they require.
20 The company has delivered the SPV400 to the U.K.Ministry of Defence for trials alongside machines from two other suppliers in hopes of replacing the Snatch Land Rover with a better protected vehicle.
21 It also had a freezer and refrigerator, a convenience no other vehicle offered.
22 It had been taken just two years earlier, when he had posed with a group of Marines who had just survived an IED that had detonated directly under their vehicle.
23 The engine was making the vehicle shake and suddenly I felt an unbearable tingling, my back arched and my body jerked sharply as I peaked," she recalled.
24 Furthermore, driving a camping car during one's travels and sleeping in the vehicle at night is just like home? Only mobile!
25 it would no longer be a flex-fuel vehicle capable of running on petrol, ethanol or blends of both.
26 Unidentified gunmen have fired on the motorcade of Pakistan's prime minister, but officials said he was not in his vehicle at the time of the attack.
27 Other sources of ethyl benzene include vehicle exhaust, petrol pump vapors and cigarette smoke.
28 I've been told it was golden in color, something so beautiful that I imagine the vehicle as a golden carriage tearing through the wide palm-tree-lined boulevards of Jeddah, Saudia Arabia.
29 When Thomas found the device on her vehicle back in 2005, she ripped it from the underside of her fender, but quickly grew fearful the FBI would raid her house if agents suspected she’d removed it.
30 Drivers use a joystick of sorts to steer and throttle the vehicle, which can spin in place and accelerates rather quickly.