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No. sentence
1 A subset of veganism, fruitarians eat nothing but fruits, nuts and seeds, without meat, vegetables or grain.
2 I write of veganism because my heart breaks at the cruelty of our food system.
3 With veganism gaining greater popularity than ever before, and with new vegan products and services appearing on the market all the time, it has never been easier to make the commitment.
4 You may not be so lucky as to have a midwife orobstetrician who is open to veganism.
5 Vegetarianism or Veganism. Or, if that sounds too difficult, start by just reducing your meat consumption.
6 My veganism is out of respect for animals.
7 Veganism is still the ONLY solution to this problem, because fewer beings-sentient and insentient-would die if humans, who are physiologically herbivorous anyway, ate plants directly.
8 Middle school art teacher Dave Warwak was fired in 2007 for preaching veganism.
9 Prominent Stanford biochemist pledges to focus all his energy on promoting veganism.
10 For others, veganism is a moral imperative.
11 There are many arguments against veganism and every single one is unfounded.
12 Veganism. I’m not actually a full vegan, as I still eat some foods that have eggs or dairy, but I’m slowly transitioning to complete veganism and fully subscribe to the vegan philosophy.
13 The discovery brought a swift end to her experience of veganism.
14 Anyone who has been vegan for more than a minute has probably encountered some jerk attempting to punch a hole in your argument for veganism with gems like "Don't you care about plants?"
15 The reluctance towards veganism has been less about the medical proof of its effectiveness, and more about social perceptions.
16 Even if that were the case, these meat-eaters would be logically committed to switching to veganism right away!
17 People, of course, always ask me about it, and that gives me a chance to evangelize about veganism (while they smugly wave a greasy burger in front of my face).
18 Veganism might not be popular, but it can make a big difference to CO2 and methane emissions.
19 Two months before my 30-never-you-mind birthday, and after a particularly decadent weekend, I decided to detox, which included an experiment with veganism.
20 As for myself, the reasons are simple: I do it out of compassion for living, feeling, suffering beings who are treated as objects in our society. (Read: the minimalism of veganism.)
21 Justice, equality, veganism, freedom, spiritual evolution, and universal compassion are inextricably connected.
22 From the outside, it may look like and be called "veganism," but it is simply awareness and the expression of our sense of interconnectedness.
23 Of course, veganism can apply beyond food to other consumables too, where minerals like plastics take on even more roles (e. g. polyester fabric).
24 The motivation of veganism is compassion. It is not at all about personal purity or individual health or salvation, except as these bless others.
25 There are a growing number of healing centers and religious retreat centers as well, emphasizing vegetarianism or veganism for reasons of both health and spiritual purification.
26 In fact, veganism is not extreme from the point of view of our innate nature, which longs for love, creativity, and spiritual evolution.
27 For some vegan bodybuilders, like Mr. Sitko, veganism was an attempt to improve diet and health.
28 minor comment on your definition of veganism (" Using only plants, veganism explicitly rules out eggs and dairy products ").
29 Most of the benefits of veganism are associated with increased fruit and vegetable, soy, legume, whole grain and nut intake.
30 of Chicago Geophysicists Gidon Eshel and Pamela Martin from the University of Chicago prove that veganism could be one of the most effective ways to reduce global warming.