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varying stages in a sentence

1. The larvae emerge at varying stages of their growth, either before or after metamorphosis, according to their species.

2. As mosquito control has failed, several dengue vaccines are in varying stages of development.

3. Shazam!, Fables, and 100 Bullets were among the other films listed, and are currently in varying stages of production.

4. The tracks were in varying stages of development, with only about six believed to be near completion.

5. 36002–5, were at varying stages of construction by the end of the development period.

6. Moreover, several important American warships were then in the Norfolk Navy Yard in varying stages of disrepair.

7. A number of schemes have been implemented at several sites, and are at varying stages of completion.

8. many of the planets had regressed to varying stages of semi-barbarism.

9. Clearcuts are present on many slopes and most all the remaining forest is in varying stages of recovery and regrowth.

10. The axons are in varying stages of maturity, reflecting the constant turnover of neurons in the olfactory epithelium.

11. When the First World War began, work stopped with the canal in varying stages of completion.

12. these flocks are probably family units, as they are composed of individuals at varying stages of maturity.

13. Six to nine people were involved at varying stages of development.

14. Each contained a male corpse in varying stages of decomposition.

15. Unused for almost 50 years, the camp is now in varying stages of decay.

16. Hendrix left behind many recordings in varying stages of completion.

17. The laws are also in varying stages of development and implementation.

18. The cosmos is a single whole, its variety being referred to varying stages of condensation in pneuma.

19. Many of these are unfinished, at varying stages of completion.

20. Of these projects, 30% were still in an exploratory stage, with 70% approved but in varying stages of development.

21. Five of these slip projects are at varying stages of construction.

22. The members of the group were at varying stages in their careers when they first started meeting.

23. These choices can occur at varying stages of the reproductive process.

24. The work features three women in varying stages of age, symbolizing the cycle of life.

25. A string of eggs in varying stages of development trail behind the female.

26. They consist of both sepulchres and burial pits in varying stages of construction.

27. With further projects across the UK in varying stages of design, planning and development.

28. The offices and service rooms have been refurbished at varying stages.

29. Both bands were in varying stages of writing and recording their respective followup LPs during this tour.

30. There are currently 120 known BSA candidates in varying stages of development, effective against 78 human viruses: