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No. sentence
1 This arrangement is not as accommodating as wide horizontal folders with respect to components of varying size.
2 This time, the pyramid is a series of vertical color bands of varying widths.
3 Our intelligences work together in different combinations and to varying degrees to solve real world problems of every kind, across domains and disciplines.
4 number of other festivals of varying importance commemorate Christian saints.
5 How familiar those faces were to me now, after a year studying language arts together, testing one another, and learning to trust one another with varying degrees of success.
6 Software reuse is not new, and has typically been attempted many times over the years with varying degrees of success by development organizations.
7 Alpha, therefore, is not changing with time; it is varying through space.
8 By varying the criteria and the tool under consideration, you can apply this technique in many projects and initiatives.
9 For example, snoop and tcpdump both provide detailed information on different protocols under both UDP and TCP to varying levels.
10 this reason, every single building in Yakutsk is built on underground stilts, varying in depth depending on the size of the building.
11 The established effects of gluten range from allergies and coeliac disease to varying degrees of digestive discomfort.
12 Then he pays with the largest possible number of small COINS, which he delivers a few at the time, in varying amounts and at irregular intervals.
13 You should be capable of acquiring and applying knowledge at varying levels of abstraction simultaneously as well as creating new concepts through synthesis and invention.
14 While it's true we all have varying predispositions to being either a "night owl," or a "morning person." But, it is possible to boost your morning energy, with a few simple strategies.
15 You can also get interesting curved paths just by varying speeds of both wheels.
16 shape of the detector must match the varying curvature of the image surface to accommodate continuously adjustable zoom, and this is easily done with this new hemispherical eye camera.
17 Different wheats have varying amounts of gluten but plain flour on the market can be used for bread making, cakes and biscuits.
18 Overall, teens in the study who had regular and predictable sleep schedules coped better with short-term sleep deficits than those with a more varying and chaotic sleep schedule.
19 It is produced from radium in the decay chain of uranium, an element found in varying amounts in all rocks and soil.
20 The data scalability of the system, showing how response times vary under an average transaction and user mix, but with varying amounts of data in storage.
21 Well-governed software delivery organizations and delivery programs do track their projects in this way, and they understand how to handle varying degrees of risk.
22 is another innovation that allows it to work with both more and less data than the existing compilations, with varying degrees of certainty.
23 Other cell types, present in varying proportions, included hobnail cells, eosinophilic cells, squamous cells, clear cells, and signet-ring cells.
24 Suppose you want to analyze the overall health risks of smog in a city, but you know that smog levels vary among neighborhoods, and that people spend varying amounts of time outdoors.
25 Coocon Fireplace can rotate 360 degrees and it comes in black or stainless steel with varying pole heights to accommodate your ceiling.
26 other AOP tools check to varying degrees the well-formedness of aspect declarations, but they offer no static checking of pointcuts, whether declared using annotations or XML.
27 True, and there are similar problems trying to measure the impact of ambition, vengeance, loyalty, and adherence to ideologies or religions, which in varying ways constitute culture.
28 They have muscle fibers of various kinds that contract and expand at varying speeds and strengths.
29 It organizations have had to react to this trend, with varying speeds of adoption.
30 The researchers further noted varying practices in tending poultry with some villagers cleaning stalls and cages more regularly than others, and removing potentially infectious materials.