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No. sentence
1 If investors were trading securities based on the chances of these things happening to both Alice and Britney, the prices would be all over the place, because the correlations vary so much.
2 As I stated previously, your results will vary depending upon which browser and version you use.
3 It can vary from fabric color or pattern to changing the style of an arm or leg on a sofa. Many let the customer provide their own fabric.
4 Also, the severity of the impact of each of these challenges on software platforms may vary from one organization to another.
5 As opinions vary on that point, no decision can be reached.
6 Permissions can be finely tuned to specific users or groups, and implementation and configuration may vary from system to system.
7 The data collected by each collector for each problem type will vary by product, as will the number and type of additional information items you will be asked to enter.
8 Cherries vary in colour from almost black to yellow.
9 All the governance scenarios defined in this article may be tailored as required, because it might vary from organization structure, set up, and the context required for that process.
10 They found that speech signals are normally low-pitched and musical clips have a wide range of pitches; both vary only gradually over time.
11 Diets of these beetles vary from species to species.
12 Red Wolf territories in northeastern north Carolina vary in size, but most are estimated to range between 38 to 87 square miles.
13 Corrosion rates can vary between welded and non-welded metals, therefore it is advisable to study the behavior of both conditions.
14 Their theory fits nicely with a previous study, which found that shouts of triumph vary from culture to culture.
15 But, overall, the pronunciation and prosody of spoken English seems to vary as much as ever across the country of its birth.
16 Combining files is more challenging when the scripts and stylesheets vary from page to page, but making this part of your release process improves response times.
17 Of course the costs will vary across people and across temptations, but that seems to be a consistent finding.
18 lethality can vary from country to country, depending on viral mutations, how prepared each country is, what other diseases its population has, and other factors.
19 The data scalability of the system, showing how response times vary under an average transaction and user mix, but with varying amounts of data in storage.
20 Visa's data suggest a noticeable recovery can come within a year—although the figures vary and terrorism seems to have more of a dampening effect than natural disasters do.
21 Different toppings can help vary the flavor - try mayonnaise, honey mustard, even peanut butter if you want a real taste of the West.
22 But it also typically contains definitions of displayable text or other data that needs to vary by language.
23 And then almost every pattern in that book is about how interfaces can vary independently to implementations and the benefits of programming to an interface.
24 Prices vary from region to region, but on the global commodity markets wheat and maize have increased almost 50 percent over last year.
25 Note that these recommendations would vary from situation to situation and should be based on relevant information pertaining to a situation.
26 With queuing models, you both visually represent a system and vary parameters, such as timeouts and average response times, and understand their effects on a system.
27 Artificial illumination on a Kuiper Belt Object would stand out because it would vary less than reflected sunlight does when the world moved toward or away from the sun.
28 This means that teams with KERS have less ballast to move around the car and hence have less freedom to vary their car's weight distribution.
29 Because the meaning of a formal topic should never vary based on its use, these fields should be part of the topic.
30 An experiment was arranged to detect how the lateral pressure changes as the lumpiness and strength of rock block vary during compacting.