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No. sentence
1 That blue manuscript book was soon filled, like the hive of some insect, with a network of variously slanting lines and the thick and thin strokes of letters.
2 with the vague ideas I conjured up from the rest, I spun out a variously coloured thread on which to string the illustrations.
3 Each little separate picture I ringed round with the light of my imagination and the joy of my heart; every one of them, moreover, being variously coloured by a pathos of its own.
4 By 10 o'clock the women have turned their hands variously to making pickles, embroidering saris or collecting rubbish.
5 common king snake found throughout the u. s. and in northern Mexico is usually black or dark brown variously blotched ringed or speckled with yellow or white.
6 These items are used for quests and appear variously as significant objects like family heirlooms, to which certain characters may hold special attachment.
7 This is variously dressed up with talk of the "Swiss model" or of repatriating powers. But the basic idea is to access EU markets without paying EU regulatory costs.
8 previous weekend, sizeable numbers of demonstrators had converged on Rome for a "No Berlusconi Day" at which the prime minister was variously deplored and ridiculed.
9 We are also variously known by alternatives terms like "information professional." Personally, I like "info-monger."
10 At first Europeans were suspicious: the potato was variously thought to be an aphrodisiac, to cause leprosy or to be poisonous.
11 meanwhile, the soil engineering property indexes and the calculating rules of the loadbearing capacity of foundation also change variously.
12 It was variously used as a hotel, beach cottage, private mansion and last, a tavern, but rowdy patrons almost destroyed her.
13 Thus the men can be seen in shirts and jeans, the women may be variously outfitted in jeans, tops, shirts and dresses.
14 They described their motivations, variously, as trying "to raise awareness", "to show the prosecutor that we have the ability to act" and "damage and attention".
15 poems of this phase had generally a narrative thread that was reduced at times to a shadow-and they rambled gracefully, argumentatively, variously.
16 The earliest Egyptian Beads (c. 4000 BC) were made of stone, feldspar, lapis lazuli, carnelian, turquoise, hematite, or amethyst and were variously shaped (sphere, cone, shell, animal head).
17 of several chiefly tropical American bulbous plants of the genus Hippeastrum grown as ornamentals for their large, showy, funnel-shaped, variously colored flowers that are grouped in umbels.
18 In the decades after his death, three successive versions appeared that were variously sanitized, abridged and tidied up.
19 Singing has always been a crucial means of maintaining a sense of national identity in a country which for hundreds of years was controlled variously by Germans, Swedes and Russians.
20 The touchers were instructed to touch any appropriate part of the body, and they chose variously to touch the head, face, arms, hands, shoulders, trunk and back.
21 The people around them are variously scary, comical, noble and grotesque, to be pitied, feared and wondered at.
22 plants of the genus dahlia native to the mountains of Mexico Central America and Colombia having tuberous roots and showy rayed variously colored flower heads.
23 The lens so used is referred to variously as a magnifying glass, a simple magnifier or a simple microscope.
24 In Egypt the Brothers stress a need for equality for the Copts, the country's Christian minority, variously estimated at between 7% and 10% of the population.
25 Rather than adopting the usual conciliatory tone to pacify organised Labour, Mr Obermann, who is variously known as "Dobermann" and "the bulldozer", toughened his rhetoric over the weekend.
26 The book coachs variously on market now a lot of, quality discretion is uneven.
27 have variously theorized it was the birthplace of the Incas, a private estate, and a spiritual destination.
28 While too much alcohol is linked to high blood pressure, liver problems and infertility, resveratrol has been variously linked to fighting cancer, obesity, diabetes, and even the signs of old age.
29 These ideas have been floating around for years, variously known as "ubiquitous computing", "embedded networking" and "the pervasive Internet".
30 Inside, a heavyset older woman, head partly veiled, sat behind a wooden counter on top of which rested a row of variously sized glass bottles.