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No. sentence
1 Anarchism employs various tactics in order to meet its ideal ends which can be broadly separated into revolutionary and evolutionary tactics.
2 As Hughes's mental state worsened, he ordered various tactics to delay payments to Boeing and Convair;
3 The U.S. military engaged in various tactics against German incursions in the Americas;
4 Clayton used various tactics to pay for the needed infrastructure changes in the state.
5 In Steve Labinski's review, he described the book as inspiring women to fight the disease with various tactics, such as: Labinski also noted that in the mission to help women overcome osteoporosis, Richards had created a useful, and often humorous, book that would inspire many.
6 indeed Heinrich Himmler would use various tactics until as late as 1943 in unsuccessful efforts to regain this power.
7 The pictures and information on baseball cards sold during one season came primarily from earlier seasons, so Topps used various tactics to give its cards a greater sense of staying current with the times.
8 While Simba battles Scar, Ma and Uncle Max are directed to construct a series of tunnels beneath the hyenas, as at the same time, Timon and Pumbaa use various tactics to distract them while the tunnel is being made.
9 Controlling abusers use various tactics to exert power and control over their victims.
10 (Note, however, that not all unaccredited institutions of higher learning are diploma mills.) Diploma mills therefore employ various tactics in an attempt to appear more legitimate to potential students.