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1 Pride contempt defiance stubbornness submission lamentation succeeded one another; so did varieties of sunken cheek cadaverous colour emaciated hands and figures.
2 forest contains many varieties of these strangler FIG trees, and their fruit is a critical food source for numerous rain forest dwellers, including monkeys, civets, butterflies, and ants.
3 Even the less sugared-up varieties have only a little protein, a smidgen of fiber and a small amount of vitamins and minerals.
4 For instance, consider that only a handful of varieties of potatoes dominate the current marketplace, whereas thousands of varieties were once available.
5 These versatile varieties can be used in a number of dishes, including the salad below.
6 In Pakistan and India, two of the nations that benefited most from the new crop varieties, grain yields more than quadrupled over the period.
7 Mr.Klein said that this percentage has been shrinking over the years, for all varieties of nuts.
8 But in the space we have we can certainly cast an eye on some varieties of leather experience.
9 He counts 95 different kinds of snacks; 61 varieties of suntan oil and sun block; and 80 different painkillers.
10 Equinox fitness centers offer some 20 varieties of boot camp and, this summer, added four types of kettle bell workouts to their schedules.
11 He planted varieties of flowers in the garden. Every day he watered them with his own blood.
12 Grape breeders have responded to consumer preferences for seedless grapes with the development of numerous improved varieties.
13 varieties suitably popularized in this region were 74-11-19, Early Pearl of Csaba, Early Rose, Zana, Kroho, Bronx Seedless, etc.
14 only a tiny percentage, agriculture experts estimate, are the old-fashioned heirloom varieties, all with seeds, that once made up all the watermelons in America.
15 Turkish breakfast – the full Turkish treatment usually consists of a few varieties of cheese butter olives eggs tomatoes cucumbers jam honey and spicy meat.
16 Thousands of varieties have been developed. Peach skin is downy or fuzzy; smooth-skinned peaches are nectarines. Peaches are widely eaten fresh and are baked in desserts.
17 On favorable sites, yields can equal or surpass those of Concord. Acidity is lower than for most other American varieties.
18 Many grape varieties have been around for centuries - is it time for some new ones?
19 Popular in the international flavor of the wine more and more popular on the occasion, not only the mainstream grape varieties can be seen everywhere, even to the flooded state.
20 The higher-yielding, pest-resistant seed varieties invented in the 1960s were designed to thrive in stable climes.
21 - all those weird bottle shapes with illustrations of castles and vineyards and kangaroos. And all those varieties?
22 Sadly, commercial varieties of cut rose lack fragrance.
23 These stalks, mostly from new genetically engineered varieties, are thick and stout and resistant to rotting.
24 The original paddy art was formed by using two varieties of rice plants, one with dark purplish stalks and the other bright green.
25 We can still find some varieties with frilly petals today, but they are hybrids.
26 Scientists at the New Delhi-based National Institute of Plant Genome Research took a gene from the edible amaranth plant and introduced the gene to seven commercial varieties of potatoes.
27 A series of executive orders waived customs duties on all but the most high-quality varieties.
28 They have already become poster-boys for the whoopie pie, with their velvet and chocolate marble varieties winning ecstatic reviews from bloggers and journalists.
29 Typically, these coaches are mentors, but some bosses have sought other varieties of personal training.
30 She always demanded more varieties for her food.