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No. sentence
1 Then I learned it all over again with variations from the Hawaiians.
2 So you need to add all expected variations manually to the variants of the dictionary.
3 is more important to be aware that both surnames and forenames are subject to variations in spelling, and not only in the distant past.
4 This fuzzy analysis of the submitted information must be conducted to consider similar names and minor variations in spelling.
5 The last two images show variations on the hands on the hips theme that are both pleasing and flattering to the models figure.
6 It said there was "strong evidence" that exposure to traffic helped cause variations in heart rate and other heart ailments that result in deaths.
7 These variations caused minute differences in the temperature of the early universe, which we can see in the cosmic microwave background.
8 Worn denim has many colour variations. Use your favorite shades of blue, especially for the top upper, which will be the most visible.
9 Whatever caused the ancient fluctuations in isotope ratios, the researchers contend, those variations are a sign that climate back then varied from year to year just as it does today.
10 Onoccasion, your experience or a hunch will tell you to focus on only one concept, with perhaps a few minor variations.
11 Every individual carries tens of thousands of these variations.
12 Third, factor in all the known statistical variations of the material itself.
13 Known for its incredible variations in colour, the strawberry poison frog is capable of up to 30 different appearances.
14 All western films can be read as a series of codes and the variations on those codes.
15 We suggest that your organization adopt a core set of practices, and allow variations from this core set.
16 There are at least four more broad partnering models other than that one, and countless variations within each model.
17 However, since patterns enable many implementation variations you still have to keep the brain turned on.
18 there are, in Frost, often some variations.
19 These phases should show up as tiny variations in the intensity of the observed light, researchers have predicted.
20 The dreams were similar, variations on one dream and one theme. I`m walking through a strange town and I see the house.
21 business glossary should contain not only the agreed-upon definition for a data element, but any variations or dependencies associated with that element.
22 also wide variations in the price of sardines along the coast.
23 The variations in colour are caused by different species and concentrations of phytoplankton.
24 A particular unit might fail frequently, but the only consequence apparent at the application level is spooky variations in over-all performance.
25 For example, if you are alerted to variations in the performance of the device’s fans, you may avoid having to take the device offline for unanticipated service.
26 Variations in Earth’s magnetic field cause them to spin in different ways, each of which leaves the compass in a slightly different chemical state.
27 While not every NMS will have all of these components -- and some may have other more specialized variations -- the ones mentioned here provide an adequate overview of the pieces that make up an NMS.
28 Variations that made individuals better adapted to their environment would let them have more offspring.
29 They gloss over crucially important variations in the curricular, pedagogical, philosophical, and social characteristics of different schools.
30 lower level contains the largest amount of code because it accounts for the variations of SCSI adapter types.