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1 A SNP is a variation in just one nucleotide of a genetic sequence; think of it as a spelling change affecting just one letter in an uncommonly long word.
2 rich variation in the spelling of names, in particular, has led to some interesting spell checking algorithms.
3 What we were surprised at was the variation," he said in a telephone interview.
4 They found no evidence for any variation of alpha.
5 They can be sliced and diced for variation.
6 The TOMS total ozone data observed by satellite has been used to the regional climate modeling considering the variation of the total ozone amount with season and latitude.
7 Based on the data sets from TOMS and SAGE II, the anomaly of ozone low center over the Tibetan Plateau in 1998 has been analyzed both in its variation process and in its vertical distribution.
8 Analysis of the observational data, the TOMS total ozone, and NCEP circulation, shows that the atmospheric ozone amount experienced a high-low-high variation with low-high-low tropopause altitude.
9 In this case, the variation happens inside a gene for one of the receptor molecules that nicotine attaches itself to when it produces its buzz.
10 She has excelled by performing a variation on the Yurchenko vault, one of the most difficult to complete.
11 Not only do we have system we can understand here, but it shows us how evolution could have tinkered with variation.
12 Environmental stochasticity, This is a nondeterministic, unpredictable variation in the environmental conditions, resulting in a changing equilibrium density.
13 Genetic analyses spotted one gene variation common to them both.
14 Nectarines are a variation of peaches.
15 However, due to a considerable variation in land area, 1 population density and climatic, geological and topographical conditions, the extent of forest cover differs greatly among the island states.
16 In the United States these days, about two record highs are being set for every record low, telltale evidence that amid all the random variation of weather, the trend is toward a warmer climate.
17 Many Asians have a genetic variation that gives them a flush and a very rapid heartbeat from even a small amount of alcohol.
18 These prices are subject to variation.
19 Only the range and variation of mans own thoughts can give an idea of the number of these other worlds and systems and the aspects of divine mind which they represent.
20 By slicing tiny layers for analysis, the team found that it could determine temperature variation down to weeks, not just years.
21 His autobiography, “Chasing the Wind”, acknowledged his dependence on “partnering” every variation of air and weather to speed his unsteered balloons and his sails.
22 Conclusions: the variation of tooth position could affect the magnitude and direction of the main apical stress, in which the symmetry of the occlusion type was also involved.
23 Conclusion Treatment factors should be taken into account in predicting the severity of apical root resorption, but root resorption appears great genetically - based inter - individual variation.
24 Another variation of the tyrant or bully boss is the toxic boss, a term that has been around for a number of years.
25 If your organization is spread out geographically across several sites, then you will see more variation in network latency between computers in your sites and your VPN endpoint.
26 function points in one test case are fine, but failed in another test case, so the defects about these function points will be submitted as variation defect.
27 It was really just an XML variation on HTML 4.01, which has three separate DTDs: strict, transitional, and frameset.
28 The seasonal variation of phytoplankton zooplankton and nutrients at a fixed station and in the extended Gulf Stream system are studied by using a vertically averaged plankton model respectively.
29 it might be good to think of, maybe, the position vector, and maybe its variation.
30 Many scientists agree that the domestic dog displays more morphological variation than any other known species, thanks to selective breeding by humans.