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1 Each of these variants is used depending on the device characteristics.
2 As agile processes mature, it is critical that we as practitioners stay true to the spirit of the agile manifesto, and not be carried away by the tasks defined in the many variants of agile methods.
3 So you need to add all expected variations manually to the variants of the dictionary.
4 One of the variants of notebook mice is the Microsoft Arc Mouse.
5 Pegging their currency to export prices can achieve both results. There are two variants.
6 Nowadays yogurt comes with fruit variants such as blueberry, apple, peach and strawberry. I always pick the fruit variants because it gives added crunch and flavor to the ice cream.
7 This may all seem well and good, until you see the big inherent risks to basing your IT shop on TCO or its variants: capturing intangible value and the “who cares” factor.
8 Each individual variant had little impact, however, so the researchers developed an algorithm to combine the effects of multiple variants acting together.
9 It also downloads lots of content and creating new variants though this mechanism.
10 Conforming to the same DTD or schema is a minimum necessary condition, and XML canonicalization can remove many trivial syntactic variants.
11 there is the problem of spelling variants. The Chinese family name Zhou, for example, may be written by English speakers as Jhou, Joe, Chou or Chow.
12 Private web and other communications use variants of this approach; its strength can be ratcheted up, too.
13 Wrong, he and colleagues proved in 2006: the variants have no effect on osteoporosis.
14 Secondly, there are just too many variants of the theory, any one of which could be correct – and little to choose between them.
15 While accounting is common across many UNIX variants, the procedure for setting it up, especially with respect to the command and data directories, might be different.
16 After loading, the language variants part of the classification taxonomy should be displayed, as shown in Figure 7.
17 inserting all entries and their variants manually, you can usually start with a frequent terms analysis to view frequent terms and to decide which terms to add to your dictionary.
18 Each of these ICONS has two variants: with and without a small question mark.
19 On the left side of the editor, you can see a view of the dictionary, including each term and a sample of its variants.
20 Figure 6 shows an example of the same classification taxonomy provided earlier in the article, now enhanced with the language variants.
21 many small variants in the SDLC, but in this section I use a common basis for almost all methodologies.
22 Add any additional terms and their variants.
23 A dictionary entry consists of a base form and multiple optional variants.
24 During the dictionary lookup, inflections of the base forms and variants are found.
25 If hundreds of rare variants are involved in a disease, they may implicate too much of the body's biochemistry to be useful.
26 Besides the mutations, or changes, in DNA found in cancer patients, even healthy people turned out to have several variants in their mitochondrial DNA, though mostly in small proportions.
27 Most centenarians possess a subset of the 150 variants, and the researchers found that their genetic profiles cluster into 19 different genetic signatures.
28 Each unit is represented by a element and contains at least two translation unit variants, or elements.
29 As more related variants are identified, it has become clear to researchers that the cause of schizophrenia will never be pinned on one or several genes or one physiological pathway.
30 It is associated with particular variants of receptor molecules for neurotransmitters in the brain.