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No. sentence
1 variant of this pattern in activity form could use an activity with several disjoint input and output criteria-one for each branch of the gateways.
2 Only about 70 of the variant involved in the A380 incident are on order.
3 The people with the gene variant were sleepier and more fatigued whether they were fully rested or sleep-deprived, and their sleep was more fragmented.
4 provide donor selection scheme of homogeneity variant meniscus transplantation to approach early-stage intervention measure.
5 This variant also specifies standard structures such as arrays and tables for improved compound object management.
6 Many who say they want more consistency than this typically by asking some variant of "What about Zimbabwe?"
7 So selection for one variant can have all sorts of seemingly unrelated effects.
8 Note that you must use the same variant of this option for all compiler runs related to the same project.
9 Product variant: This is a product that is based on another product but with some different characteristics.
10 Variant 1" calculation asks you to enter the number of servers you require in order to support your operating capacity (i.e. without any redundancy).
11 Another variant of this pattern is to create a tabbed style of display.
12 A variant form of the EDAR gene is very common in East Asians and Native Americans, and is probably the reason that these populations have thicker hair than Europeans or Africans.
13 In some implementations, your edit mode component is just a variant of your detailed information component.
14 The gateway pattern is a sophisticated protocol switch variant.
15 If you discover or invent some slightly new variant of the language, it is a lot easier to play with the EBNF grammar than with those regular expressions.
16 Competing theories place them either as an archaic variant of our own species, Homo sapiens, with whom we interbred, or as a separate species altogether.
17 I recommend that you avoid this variant because it makes assumptions about interrupt states.
18 We can also say that once most people have been infected by swine flu and become immune, a variant that can beat that immunity will replace the current strain.
19 Each individual variant had little impact, however, so the researchers developed an algorithm to combine the effects of multiple variants acting together.
20 It justifies at last that variant of an old theme that a little thought estranges from life whereas much thought reconciles to life.
21 Consider a variant of the previous example.
22 Initially, Mead and his colleagues thought that because the variant had never been seen before, it must have damaging rather than beneficial effects.
23 Recently, new variant strains have been detected in several parts of Asia and Africa.
24 Despite this, genetic tests for this gene variant are currently being marketed on the Internet for those who can afford them.
25 The implementation was an instance of the message passing broker system variant of the pattern, as in the POSA pattern documentation.
26 Mead and his colleagues discovered a much more common variant of the prion gene that provides protection against prion diseases.
27 variant of this rule is to develop reusable, maintainable, and documented migration scripts during the current engagement that are likely to be adaptable in future engagements.
28 Not surprisingly, having the t variant also correlates with the chance of a smoker getting lung cancer.
29 But I think my favorite card game is bridge. More specifically, the variant of bridge which fascinates me is called "duplicate".
30 Both LOM and SCORM were written to be very flexible and extensible, so although learning objects have many variant recommendations, they also have a remarkably large Shared foundation.