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No. sentence
1 It abuts the Tropic of Cancer, constituted the Polynesia archipelago north vanguard.
2 Only now, a century later, when electronic media such as photography and video have wrested control of the vanguard from painting, is Cezanne's shadow beginning to fade.
3 This confluence of concerns was a natural product of the fact that the speakers were drawn from those working at the vanguard of XML tools and techniques.
4 Without such a vanguard party of expert revolutionaries the exploiters of the working class will always be able to take advantage of the intellectual and organizational weaknesses of the masses.
5 In fact, looking back in today's totally "new" world at our lofty-spirited vanguard literature, we should vigilantly reform the motions of the documentary circles.
6 the Navy's Vanguard satellite launcher;
7 Duchamp) fixes at stools getting up bicycle wheel then on, vanguard begin frequent to raise difficult questions to the theoretician right away by artist.
8 As a simultaneous alternative to Vanguard, Wernher von Braun and his Army Redstone Arsenal team began work on the Explorer project.
9 Britain's Sun newspaper reported the Vanguard returned with dents and scrapes visible on its hull.
10 The system presents three basic features:rich creativeness, prominent vanguard nature, and distinct affinity to the people.
11 At Vanguard, buy hair dye and promoters will apply it free (customers browse its aisles sporting plastered hair and towels).
12 Culturally, the Internet does appear to be on the cusp of a new phase, for which the current generation of apps and social networks are simply the vanguard.
13 two countries said there were no injuries when Le Triomphant and HMS Vanguard bumped into each other “at low speed”, apparently unaware of each other’s presence, during routine patrols.
14 In over twenty pagodas, I ran across more than thirty nuns who were former members of the army or Vanguard Youth on the ho Chi Minh Trail during the1965-75 period.
15 now Vanderbilt, a steamboat captain defying jail, slashing fares and pushing his boilers ever harder to travel more speedily, was fast becoming the “commodore” of this anti-monopolistic vanguard.
16 Organizationally, it is the vanguard of a dismantled traditional hierarchy.
17 The MoD said the Vanguard returned to its base in Faslane, Scotland, with only "scrapes".
18 The trade-union and the party units must be built up; the advanced workers must be educated, the proletarian vanguard must be brought together and drawn into the battle.
19 With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy.
20 And when you're out of debt, start investing in index mutual funds (Vanguard 500, for example) to grow your money over the long term.
21 This group, remember, sees itself as a revolutionary vanguard.
22 THEY look more like desperate refugees than the pampered vanguard of an organised mass colonisation.
23 the concept of the "vanguard" party, which assigned a decisive historical role to the "consciousness" of the intelligentsia, had enormous appeal.
24 Uniqlo also sits at the vanguard of retail Web sites, with a stunning online home designed by the pioneering Yugo Nakamura.
25 Such blatant nonsense could be told to the ignorant self-styled intellectuals of Russia who prided themselves on being the vanguard of Marxism and thereby of progress and civilization.
26 Vanguard, Fidelity and Putnam all have open-end convertible mutual funds, and there are many closed-end funds, including some trading at discounts to their net asset values.
27 Depending on the plan manager, some 401 (k) plans do not offer Vanguard funds.
28 The foot soldiers of this vanguard are the Roomba vacuums that scuttle about cleaning our carpets and the cuddly electronic pets that sit up and roll over on command but never make a mess on the rug.
29 Or maybe it's just a belief that Zipcar is at the vanguard of a burgeoning urban industry that incumbant rental companies have struggled to crack.
30 My investment mix is 70% index funds, a few sector funds and two funds managed for Vanguard by Primecap, a West Coast asset manager.