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No. sentence
1 All the petrol pumps have been switched over to show decimal values.
2 We do this by specifying a static date/time value in executed reports so that different date/time values do not appear when comparing source and target output.
3 This is a step beyond using static recorded tests, because it allows tests to select different variable values for each execution.
4 For XML, try fuzzing individual element content and attribute values rather than selecting a random section of the bytes in the document to replace.
5 But are these the summit of our values, of our aspirations of society?
6 Value: either dev, test, qa, or prod (this value is treated as prefix to the filename "login.properties" so you can use whatever values you like as long as you are consistent)?
7 Values between 1 to 127 are error numbers (shown in /usr/include/sys/errno.h), whereas between 128 to 512 are exceptions (shown in /usr/include/sys/m_except.h).
8 of occurrences of frequently used column values.
9 categories described above can be associated to numerical counts (hours, occurrences) with dollar values assigned to each count.
10 screen shot in Figure 5 below shows the graphical representation of a frequency distribution and shows a highly skewed set dominated by a pair of values.
11 He urged them to brace for competition by working out what they were good at, what they should not do and what their values were.
12 People talk a lot about standing up for beliefs and not compromising on values, but 99% of them never follow through.
13 Perhaps the present concern with the values of liberal arts education portends an intellectual anemia.
14 This article USES some of these techniques to tackle the namespace prefixes within attribute values.
15 This solution, in effect, gives the receiving system a hint as to which values are standard (including casing and spelling) but in fact allows any value in the string field.
16 You perform this manipulation by invoking methods of the objects or changing their property values.
17 Data manipulation services are processing logic that directly manipulates data values and the representation of those values for storage, transport or presentation purposes.
18 Upon storage, DB2 will preserve the internal structure of this document, converting its tag names and other information into integer values.
19 We do not give all the details on tuning parameters and suggested values for them. Instead, we focus on describing the impact of the parameters on the performance and scalability of an application.
20 If you want to pass on values to your team, start by defining what those values mean to you.
21 How do the values of these properties differ based on the namespace we want to use?
22 People believe in your character when they understand and have confidence in your intentions, your values and standards, what you truly care about, and your emotional maturity.
23 Your ethical and moral values will affect the way you answer the questions. This is a key point.
24 No validators are associated with the components, so if all the required values are present and can be converted, you can move on to the next phase of the lifecycle.
25 If you use a more aggregated level to enter historical rates the matching against journals will go wrong and converted values will be miscalculated.
26 You may choose to accept the values you grew up with, or reject them, or some of both.
27 So, in the bright realm of values, we have no excuse behind us, nor justification before us.
28 Melamine, a chemical used in the making of plastic, was found in the baby formula; it later emerged that unscrupulous manufacturers had been adding it to food products to cheaply boost protein values.
29 You created the model based on other comparable houses in the neighborhood and what they sold for (the model), then put the values of your own house into this model to produce an expected price.
30 the other hand, the commercial-property market hasn't seen the kind of excessive supply that caused property values to tumble in the last recession, which could help maintain real-estate prices.