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No. sentence
1 My husband and I were initially drawn to each other because we each exhibited behaviors that we valued highly: intelligence, independence, and integrity.
2 Liu Zhen, 21, Singing, Beijing Contemporary Music Academy Most valued qualities: filial piety, the ability to care.
3 On Wall Street dealing desks, profits and losses are evaluated every afternoon when trading ends, and the firms' positions are "marked to market" -valued on the basis of the closing prices.
4 The enormous sculpture, valued at nearly $400,000, was made from 3,000 coat hangers that the Scottish-born artist welded together after buying in bulk.
5 I always valued his advice.
6 Now and then one encounters in antique shops and used book stores boxes full of old postcards valued for their antiquity, their images and their stamps.
7 If you’re not valued above their friends, then their friends will have priority in your relationship…when a decision has to be made, you may be the last person asked.
8 time this occurs, rest is certainly a welcome relief, but not necessarily something to be valued in and of itself.
9 But what of effort -- the individual who strives harder and longer to succeed -- how should his/her "effort" be valued?
10 model that looks appealing in part because assets are not valued at market prices ought to ring alarm bells.
11 If the virtual water in traded goods were properly valued and priced, exporters would be fully compensated and importers would pay a price that reflected all the costs.
12 Yet some cows valued primarily for their milk may still end up on a plate, and others may be well suited to graze on grassland that would be useless for growing cash crops.
13 You may be a valued employee but if your skills and contributions don't accelerate over the years, when crunch time arrives, you may find yourself out of a job.
14 Small wild cud-chewing Andean animal similar to the guanaco but smaller; valued for its fleecy undercoat.
15 It was highly valued by our grandparents, but somewhere along the way we've lost this value.
16 The development of East Asia is enlightening in many important ways. Among others, regional cooperation should be valued and strengthened.
17 The WFP anticipates that its staff of more than 10,000 people will feed 70 million during 2008, distributing 4.3 million tons of food valued at US$3.3 billion.
18 Ok, so, we talked about uncertainly of our life, we talked about how much we wish to be liberated, we talked about our valued system.
19 against this is the fact that we clearly live in a society awash with materialism, where objects are valued way beyond their possible contribution to our happiness.
20 Concerning China, the large areas of land "unsuitable for agriculture" is probably already used and valued by local people, particularly pastoralists.
21 Obsidian, a form of volcanic rock valued for its strength and durability, was an important resource for ancient Mesoamerican cultures including the Zapotec and Maya.
22 I trusted and valued that flicker of unease, and I wanted to feel it play out more, to see Donoghue go deeper into the mucky, messy territory of growth.
23 And we collectively realized that a valued endorsement from APA would add credibility to the 'Healthy Minds' episodes.
24 Verbatim repetition was not valued in the way that it might be for us.
25 Not all gays want to marry, of course; but some are as keen as their straight friends to see their partnership recognised and protected by such a “valued and respected” institution.
26 They calculate that preventing a robbery is valued at $263,000, an assault at $79,000 and a burglary at $21,000.
27 They calculate that preventing a robbery is valued at $263, 000, an assault at $79, 000 and a burglary at $21, 000.
28 environment of respect engenders trust, confidence, and performance excellence by fostering mutual cooperation-an environment where diverse perspectives and views are encouraged and valued.
29 Agile tool usage survey highlights the fact that a large majority of companies adhere to simple tangible tools, and that usability is the most valued aspect of tool usage.
30 But this moment provides an opportunity to reconsider whether we ought to force people to marry - whether they be gay or straight - to have their committed relationships recognized and valued.