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No. sentence
1 Yes? As I described them. Now lets look at the validity of the arguments. All fish have lungs.
2 In reality of educational practice, such validity is decreasing; educative power turns into two contorted forms: one is educational violence; the other is the nothingness of educative power.
3 Although data protection provides the ability to regenerate data on a failure, it says nothing about the validity of the data in the first place.
4 this argument satisfy the definition of validity or does it not?
5 So that satisfies the definition of validity.
6 validity of both conditions is hotly debated, but the inclusion of either of them in DSM-Vwould have important legal ramifications.
7 When translation publication time arrives, the 3 Speakers are eventually guided by the Eieyani Priests to find each other and work together, each endorsing the validity of the others work.
8 When you build libraries for wide usage, you may not be able to make assumptions about the validity of the arguments that are passed to your methods.
9 When analyzing test results, we need to examine the validity and reliability of the test results.
10 While each of these might have some validity, in many cases the same general comments may also apply to many of the other projects you work on.
11 examples of the system of consumption accumulated points of debit cards in our bank, this discourse studies a mode based on B/S and considers its validity, safety and ability to replant.
12 This reduces the total programming effort by reducing the amount of effort spent in writing database control logic, while ensuring the consistency and validity of the data.
13 One London lawyer says he has been inundated by requests from clients asking about the validity of contracts.
14 Structures can nest, but every basic validity concept is included in the example.
15 All of the code that checks formal expression validity is in a single class.
16 By encrypting the information, it ensures the confidentiality of that information, for both the identity and the validity of the token.
17 If a new primary use is anticipated for a component, consider whether this creates a new trust boundary and a need for additional validity checking outside the component.
18 For the very same reason, it is much more work to make sure a given document production process conforms with validity requirements.
19 In order for parametric models to have any validity they must be based on or proven using actual project data.
20 I claim you accept my claim about the truth values and you accept my claim about validity.
21 The excluded portions can therefore change without affecting the signature validity.
22 It has the same validity as typing your name in an E-mail or signing a document using a pen.
23 It is functionally rich enough for us to do validity checking and greatly reduces many trips over the network — trips that could make our site almost unusable.
24 But, as the FBI pointed out, the Numbers are too fuzzy to make year-on-year comparisons with any validity.
25 Christ's death was for them the ultimate proof of the validity of Christian principles.
26 Yet even if one accepts the validity of concerns about man-made climate change, one should agree that market liberals also have a legitimate concern.
27 He then volunteered to demonstrate the validity of his opinion. Mr.
28 Because jobs can also be created with intervals of allowable execution, if the job is not retrieved during a validity period, it is not run.
29 In the third case, it is highly likely that his lawyers will seek to challenge the validity of his indictment in the constitutional court.
30 Now, without checking the validity of what you're doing, you copy 256 bytes into a stack area reserved at only 128 bytes.