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1 There are supporting data showing a comparable transient lesion after intramuscular (IM) injection of aluminium- containing vaccines in experimental animal models.
2 June 2005 | Salvador da Bahia, Brazil - Many new vaccines that have the potential to save millions of lives are in the research pipeline and will become available over the next decade.
3 New flu vaccines need to be made each season because the viruses are constantly changing so as to avoid attack by host immune defences - whether in birds, humans or other animals.
4 we have a new framework that sets out obligations for the sharing of influenza viruses and of benefits, like medicines and vaccines, during an influenza pandemic.
5 Aid groups negotiate with drugmakers procure vaccines for poor nations, but industry remains wary it will be haggled down to an unwelcome price.
6 is unacceptable, in the 21st century, that children are disabled or die because they cannot access the vaccines that protect them from polio, measles or pneumonia.
7 some of the most deadly childhood diseases, such as measles, vaccines are available and timely completion of immunization protects a child from this illness and death.
8 Although we estimated that the pandemic will be of moderate severity, at least in its early days, the announcement triggered a surge of interest in pandemic vaccines and a scramble to place orders.
9 Children between the ages of 6-35 months can be inoculated with A/H1N1 flu vaccines free of charge on a volunteer basis, the Ministry of Health said Thursday.
10 no drugs or vaccines available for monkeypox, although vaccination against smallpox has been proven to be 85% effective in preventing monkeypox in the past.
11 Since current seasonal influenza vaccines do not contain the pandemic virus, people should be vaccinated against both pandemic influenza and seasonal influenza.
12 He said that parents who refuse vaccines tend to cluster together in certain areas — increasing the risk of a local disease outbreak, even in kids who have been vaccinated.
13 Most existing vaccines cause animals to produce the same antibodies as infected animals, making it difficult to determine whether an animal with antibodies was naturally infected or vaccinated.
14 WHO welcomes this WIPO launch of a consortium aimed at expediting the development of new medicines, diagnostics, and vaccines for the neglected tropical diseases, malaria, and tuberculosis.
15 Vaccines that contain thiomersal include those against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP), hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), rabies, influenza and meningococcal diseases.
16 If we can make progress in developing vaccine strategies for HIV, then I'm convinced that we will make progress in developing vaccines for other diseases too.
17 Which is why the work in Bagamoyo tesed whether the malaria vaccine could be integrated into African countries’ existing system for inoculating infants with a group of established vaccines.
18 Berkley says that further investigation of the mechanisms by which the vaccine worked would provide powerful new knowledge to guide selection of new, more potent vaccines.
19 studies and data analysis of influenza vaccines have only found a well established causal association with the 1976 vaccine that contained an H1N1 swine-influenza-like virus.
20 What kind of yellow fever vaccines are valid under the IHR (2005) and must they be administered at a vaccination centre designated by the State or at a listed WHO-approved vaccination centre?
21 The studies will test the safety and effectiveness of vaccines developed by drug makers and help determine dosage and whether it can be given with a seasonal flu shot.
22 Evaluation of safety and efficacy of new vaccines is likely to be especially challenging since the vaccines might not be available until after the pandemic had started.
23 You can help protect yourself and your family by learning the latest on swine flu, from how to spot a serious case to the facts about the vaccines.
24 State Food and Drug Administration, says the vaccines produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies will be stored but not administered to the general public.
25 She cautions that "it would be wrong to characterise all opposition to vaccines as cranky or anti-science," because there can be problems with vaccines.
26 Although scientists are still studying the swine-flu strain responsible for the current outbreak, experts doubt that existing seasonal vaccines can effectively combat it.
27 been important advances in TB research over the past several years, but more resources are needed to turn scientific discoveries into new and better drugs, diagnostics and vaccines.
28 Should a pandemic strain emerge, slowing its spread will be vital as this could buy valuable time to produce vaccines against the virus and introduce other emergency measures.
29 But the two for cervical cancer are the latest in a wave of high-priced vaccines that have come to market since 2001, opening a lucrative new field.
30 HuffPo has been a major channel for spreading the proven-false idea that vaccines cause autism (a notion that, at this point, is tantamount to a lunatic conspiracy theory).