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1 Still, from a current perspective, some aspects of Airbus' "Concept Plane" sound so utopian, it seems only a descendent of Jules Verne could have conceived of them.
2 In this utopian superstructure offices, research LABS, housing, and communal areas are interspersed between orchards, farms, and production rooms.
3 This Utopian dream is far beyond the range of possibility.
4 This utopian novel is arguably not really ‘fantasy’, due to the lack of any magic or fantastic elements to speak of; indeed it even takes place on Earth.
5 Near-bankruptcy is causing Cuba to jettison the Utopian paternalism of Che and Fidel. The future involves hard work for higher, but still-paltry, wages.
6 This is not to say that Marx learnt nothingfrom utopian thinkers like Fourier, Saint-Simon and Robert Owen.
7 During the eighteen-nineties, a group called the Colorado Co-operative Colony hoped to build a utopian community in the region.
8 Scale is irrelevant in the utopian dreamworld where misplaced objects dominate the skyline and recognizable forms bear not relation to their original functions.
9 Apple pushes - and will continue to push - the utopian, humanistic qualities of its platform quietly but relentlessly in almost everything it does.
10 from the utopian to the dystopian the films offer an interesting variety of visions and commentary on the future of one of the world's holiest and most divided cities.
11 But sci-fi reflected fears about science more than it did hopes. These early novels were dystopian rather than utopian.
12 The colonies, particularly those in Greece and Turkey, saw the change from the utopian Atlantis to the military-fascist state controlled by Aryan and sought to break away.
13 The practical and pragmatic gainsay the Utopian and transcendental.
14 They might imagine this sort of thinking as utopian, airy speculation with little relevance to the work they have to do now, getting books and other resources into their catalogs more efficiently.
15 Everything, it seems, is possible here, from utopian triumphs of the imagination to soul-sapping expressions of a disregard for individual lives.
16 Developments targeting the planet s deepest-pocketed, recession-proof, house-hunters have come up with all sorts of versions of this utopian dream.
17 those images, I think, a kind of utopian promise that the familiar, ordinary pleasures of rural life can be recaptured in a new society of plenty.
18 That community felt that the Reaganites were dangerously utopian in their hopes for actually winning, as opposed to managing, the cold war.
19 But history has not been kind to the Utopian schemes of Walter Gropius, Le Corbusier and other great architects.
20 In the past, SOA evangelist salesmen were trying to sell a utopian vision of a SOA that brings world peace and is the silver bullet for all that ails you.
21 It may be utopian but I have spoken to an ex-grammar school head and he thinks it is achievable.
22 The modern left, its internal critics say, has become too fragmented, too utopian and divorced from how most people live.
23 It sounds like the exaggerated vision – utopian or distopian according to taste – of a parlour futurologist.
24 Sounds utopian? Gilding insists he is a realist.
25 Company towns usually came in one of two forms-the Satanic and the Utopian.
26 Marx and Engels (unlike the utopian dreamers) wrote very little on what socialism would precisely look like, because it's not for two people sitting in a room to decide.
27 In mapping out the constitution for his utopian society or state, Plato starts out with a schematic description of the human soul.
28 this case, therefore, the Darwinian conclusion is that there is no right answer-or at least no Utopian one.
29 Other traditional radical goals - such as the "abolition of poverty" - are, in contrast to this one, truly utopian, for man, simply by exerting his will, cannot abolish poverty.
30 This separation, in turn, points to a utopian dimension, an underside of time where futuristic intimations of hope inhere in memories of the past.