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1 Most AOP practitioners are currently implementing transactional and authorization concerns with existing AOP support, typically through the use of design patterns utilizing aspect inheritance.
2 You will want to try the royal Banyan (this is a royal vacation, after all), a massage utilizing an herbal pouch dipped in warm sesame oil to relieve tension.
3 By utilizing OWL classification, it can provide additional vocabulary along with formal semantics to describe the XML schema assets.
4 behavior of utilizing the resources downloaded from this site is condemned and disdained sternly!
5 behavior of utilizing the resources downloaded from this site is condemned and disdained sternly, Please specify when reproduced unique resources for the website source!
6 star join plan utilizing push-down hash join technology makes hash joins more effective primarily due to reduction of fact table (probe table) rows early on.
7 Nearly half would be a so-called "virtual fence" utilizing high technology sensors and cameras as well as special deployments of Border Patrol agents.
8 By utilizing software delivered in this way, a company can remove the burden of installing and maintaining the application on private data centers.
9 The patient underwent staged revision with posterior fusion utilizing allograft and segmental instrumentation from L4 to S1.
10 The authors warn against any false sense of precision when utilizing these, or any other indicators, and so caution against precise rankings.
11 improved haptic texture rendering method based on stochastic resonance is proposed utilizing the stochastic resonance phenomenon in human cutaneous tactile sensation.
12 Finally, while NetMeeting is a great tool it is subject to capacity problems since it is utilizing your local desktop machine to do all the relaying of information to the other participants.
13 They need to upgrade the goods they produce by utilizing more advanced technologies, and more skilled workers and entrepreneurs.
14 One of the major advantages of creating an application utilizing XML in all levels of the application architecture is to avoid the need to transform data from one format to another.
15 Every programmer, systems administrator, database analyst, and so on knows what to do when they face a problem with business process or some inefficiency utilizing systems resources.
16 planning, construction and operation of poultry installations of any size should consider the issues involved in storing, managing and utilizing waste by-products.
17 Even two projects using the same tool will do it in different ways, utilizing different subsets of the tool, with different setups according to project specific requirements.
18 The ultimate goal of the supply chain is to source required solution components in the most cost-effective manner possible, utilizing all available sourcing channels.
19 time for testing and maintenance is invested when the developer first creates the asset and does not have to be redone with each new project utilizing the reusable assets.
20 Utilizing this system will enable the Army to decrease the number or size - and in some cases, both - of generators needed.
21 But semantically, the object is also special in utilizing an inheritance tree for method resolution.
22 In addition, some homes are utilizing roof gardens to capture water which can be used later for irrigation and water supply around the property.
23 They usually involve utilizing cash, bank debt, raising funds through selling of assets, private equity, issuance of equities and/or debt securities, or combination of the above.
24 This includes existing programs using traditional update methods and external interfaces capable of utilizing stored procedure calls.
25 These components can be added, removed, or increased in number by utilizing an intuitive drag-and-drop configuration builder.
26 Now here's the rub: How many of these are appropriately utilizing the form language of utility and how many are not?
27 Utilizing an open architecture hardware approach, the center showcases seamless distribution of situational awareness and command and control data to a variety of joint users.
28 medication is used, good sleep hygieneand some behavioral treatments are still important, as utilizing eitherbehavioral or medication treatments alone are not enough.
29 We design a comprehensive training program utilizing a lot of people who worked with veterans in the office before.
30 This study develops a facile and accurate approach towards detection of melamine utilizing gold nanoparticles and a dual color and precipitation test.