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1 Encryption of the Shared key is performed differently than the message data with an algorithm that utilizes a pair of keys — private and public.
2 FINRA conveniently and effectively utilizes a plea of immunity to obviate the call for transparency by Johnson and others.
3 EASBRA utilizes the node's geographical information to route and selects the most stable disjoint backup route.
4 Some commercial utilities attempt to perform XML compression in a manner that utilizes knowledge of the specific DTDs of compressed documents.
5 This article utilizes the wavelet transform to compress the high dimensional face image vectors, then devises an SVM classify system to recognition the face.
6 Since then, I usually have some part of my courses include writing code that utilizes threads.
7 utilizes commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and modified COTS components to provide multimedia messaging and directory capabilities that complement and leverage the Global Information Grid (GIG).
8 NPIV with a VIOS, utilizes virtual FC devices to present disk (and tape) natively to the client LPARs.
9 Do not be surprised if your solution utilizes up to 35% of your processing time parsing SOAP messages.
10 It utilizes the dl.util.concurrent package, which runs on JDK 1.2 and later.
11 This tractor utilizes the mechanism of air pressure to pull the lumbar at the position of lying standing and sitting straightly.
12 Define a DataStore that interacts with a ZRM resource handler and define a DataGrid that utilizes the DataStore.
13 Note that the sample application for this article utilizes only dynamic SDO, although the EMF code generator also provides full support for static code generation of data objects.
14 These requirements are addressed through the design and development of UIs, control logic that manages how an application functions, and code that utilizes and manipulates business data.
15 This paper utilizes the contrast research and the general character research to lay a strong emphasis on discussing these two works backgrounds, writing techniques, and performance keystones.
16 Beautiful exists brightly with many colors in goes all out in the world, cameramen's mission utilizes own skill, chooses wonderfully, the most succinct picture from the complex whole.
17 He also discussed how SEI's architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) framework utilizes these principles to help with the architecture evaluation efforts.
18 creditor's right and the debt caused when the trustee manages, utilizes and disposes the trust property of different trustors must not offset each other.
19 With enterprise voice networks quickly moving to IP telephony, there are many possibilities in creating an application that utilizes the converged network to create a high powered application.
20 Rather, it is much more of a cache manager, in that it utilizes the atomicity of transactions to persist objects to a database.
21 If your original draft of the material utilizes a pricey backdrop, look carefully at whether the backdrop is really essential to the delivery of the verbal or visual humor.
22 Liquid Time utilizes two LCD screens specially crafted to fit the watch as well as some very clever typography.
23 There are occasions where the phase separator utilizes triaxial piping to deliver the liquid nitrogen to the user device.
24 The gyro vertical utilizes a gyroscope as an integrating device to obtain the average position of a pendulous gravity reference .
25 This process is similar to chemical pulping, but utilizes a fungi to break down the lignin rather than chemicals. The potential environmental benefits of this type of pulping are outstanding.
26 This tong is used to rotate ingots from the horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal positions and utilizes an automatic latching mechanism.
27 When one intends this or that, one utilizes the power center or will center which is in the third chakra region in the solar plexus.
28 Representational state transfer "REST" utilizes the interaction capabilities classically offered by HTTP protocol.
29 data Access Layer utilizes WPF data binding to tie UI components to business logic or data components.
30 utilizes Open data Kit (ODK) for data collection, and also supports the exchange of audio, visual and text media.