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1 Friendship among the classmates is the most cherished, because there is no utilitarian purpose.
2 utilitarian green carriages and electric locomotives, the train itself, unlike its illustrious predecessor, is also no beauty.
3 Instead a utilitarian mix-and-match culture pervades the field given the fact that mathematics education researchers have at their disposal a range of theories and models of learning and teaching.
4 Most geek products, however, charge a premium for their cleverness, and most have more utilitarian versions available that cost less.
5 sheen has come, in part, because the degrees are newly specific and utilitarian.
6 undead also serve as a wonderfully utilitarian cultural symbol.
7 The design language of these SUVs epitomized the notion of purposefulness, even when comparing the utilitarian nature of the original Land Rover with its glitzy new cousin the LR3 Discovery.
8 this a counterexample to the utilitarian idea of calculating?
9 Efficiency, therefore, can never serve as a utilitarian touchstone for law or for public policy.
10 In recent years, many families have embarked on international adoptions not for humanitarian or religious reasons but out of a more utilitarian calculus of supply and demand.
11 From a political philosophical point of view, an institutional society is a well off societys political prerequisite and a utilitarian society is its moral presupposition.
12 Net does is shift the emphasis of our intelligence, away from what might be called a meditative or contemplative intelligence and more toward what might be called a utilitarian intelligence.
13 Amphibious forces, unlike traditional combat-based hulls, are utilitarian and meant to be used for a range of contingencies.
14 Advocates of these theories often call them consequentialism rather than utilitarianism so that their theories will not be subject to refutation by association with the classic utilitarian theory.
15 But fundamentally, it performs an unglamorous function in a utilitarian way.
16 concept was based on contrasts: utilitarian oilskin leather and sequins or ultralight mohair used for tweedy tailoring.
17 economists of his day took their cue from Jeremy Bentham and his "utilitarian" philosophy.
18 The second is from Jeremy Bentham's "profit and avoid loss" utilitarian principle of analysis.
19 In part two, the author discusses the traditional utilitarian theory laid down by Beccaria and Bentham, and then analyses Marxian question put foreword for its justification.
20 Humanity objectifies nature as a source of income, as a pure utilitarian relationship, ” said Mr. Zhang.
21 Ritchie, Oxman, Roche, and their colleagues split deeply from the finite, permanent, and utilitarian tradition of architecture.
22 The Internet is delivering more and more useful, utilitarian options.
23 of the classic techniques used to measure a person’s willingness to behave in a utilitarian way is known as trolleyology.
24 But, because of the fast pace of life nowadays, we are bit more utilitarian or money-oriented. By my friendly reminder, money is just one of the means, not the purpose.
25 end of the servers-networking truce was inevitable as servers became more utilitarian and networking gear got faster and smarter.
26 The utilitarian ethic has a strong intuitive appeal due to its simplicity, but it has nevertheless, particularly in Mill’s exposition, come in for wide-ranging and sustained criticism.
27 They found a strong link between utilitarian answers to moral dilemmas (push the fat guy off the bridge) and personalities that were psychopathic, Machiavellian or tended to view life as meaningless.
28 utilitarian and aesthetic, between artist and layman is broken down. (Bill Voyd, "Drop City," in Theodore Roszak, ed.
29 Likewise, the scope of the Hippocratic maxim, "Strive to help but above all, do no harm" is far narrower than the Utilitarian principle, "Everyone counts for one and no more than one."
30 From a utilitarian point of view, the obvious choice is to pull the lever, saving five and only killing one.